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  1. StroudGrecian

    The Exeweb Advent Calendar XII

    Yes, it’s a complete rip off of Lino's intro last year - I've had a few bevvies and I've no shame so here it is: The Exeweb Advent Calendar Quiz XII. You should all know the drill by now but, to recap, a daily picture clue will be posted up until the grand finale on 24th December. Each clue...
  2. StroudGrecian

    The Cornish

    Congratulations to the Cornish, who as I understand it have finally been classified as a separate species. Well done (y)
  3. StroudGrecian

    The Exeweb Annual Awards 2013

    Welcome, Ladies, Gentlemen, and fellow peasants, to the Exeweb Annual Awards for 2013. Rules are unchanged, you have until the end of December 2013 to vote in the following categories: 1. Favourite thread 2. Favourite exewebber, for whatever reason 3. Which exewebber would you like to meet...
  4. StroudGrecian

    Exeter City FC v Queens Park Rangers FC Match Day Thread

    Ok, I'll step up to the plate. I know it's on the wireless but there should be a match day thread too.
  5. StroudGrecian

    Did you know...?

    Further testing at the Asda labs has now also found traces of Arran, Jura and Islay in their corned beef.
  6. StroudGrecian

    Yay or Nay #303

    Everyone loves Stonehenge. And why not? It's f*cking awesome. There are now calls for Stonehenge to be light up at night. So where does exeweb stand on this burning issue? Is it: Yay, let's keep nocturnal drivers entertained and boost interest in this outstanding monument, or Nay, let the...
  7. StroudGrecian

    Happy Diwali!

    Yes folks, its that time of year again. On the back of two great Grecian victories at this auspicious time of year may I wish Tis, the team, and all Exewebbers, a Nazi-free and very HAPPY DIWALI
  8. StroudGrecian

    lunchtime quiz

    Guess the manager from the old album sticker. There's a city manager in there (fairly obvious one too). I got 30 out of 33.
  9. StroudGrecian

    Saville report

    I must admit a grudging respect for Dave in this instance, having the cajones to say what should have been said 38 years ago, and having the humility to say it properly. Three simple words from me. About F*cking Time.
  10. StroudGrecian

    Shameless electioneering

    Another little Tory love-in of a thread reminds me that we are due an election sometime soon. I wasn't an exewebber for the last one so I don't know the form. Three questions: Was Exeweb a hive of political debate at the last election? Should shameless electioneering be tolerated/encouraged...
  11. StroudGrecian

    Tonite's games, 9th March

    So, no game for City tonite but several to keep an eye on. And what better way to start than: Tranmere 0-1 Leeds after 9 minutes. Lets hope for once they can hold a lead.
  12. StroudGrecian

    League 1 games, 8/9 Feb

    Games tonight and tomorrow night may well have a bearing on our current League position. Monday 8 Feb Colchester v Southend Tuesday 9 Feb Brighton v Huddersfield Bristol Rovers v Walsall Gillingham v Tranmere Swindon v Oldham Currently Colchester 2-0 up on Southend; 2 more goals for...
  13. StroudGrecian

    FA Cup 3rd round

    With City not in action this weekend my attention turns to the FA Cup 3rd round. While there are plenty of matches there really does seem to be a lack of interesting fixtures this time round, but the following hold some interest for me: MK Dons v Burnley Just think, it could and probably should...
  14. StroudGrecian

    What's next......?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, We live in worrying times. The cull has begun. The lights are going out across Exeweb. We live in fear of what next will suddenly, inexplicably, like Keyser Soze... *puff!*..., disappear. So let's cheer ourselves up by having a good old-fashioned poll. What do...
  15. StroudGrecian

    Interesting facts about Huddersfield

    Huddersfield is in West Yorkshire, which is at the wrong end of the country, and is east of the Pennines and therefore on the wrong side of the country. But only just. The town is famous for the cow that didn't like its teats being groped.
  16. StroudGrecian

    Das Leeds von der Erde

    I'm a big fan. Anyone else?
  17. StroudGrecian


    Was watching this earlier with the kids and I'm sure that the irritating Portillo-esque presenter kept coming out with the name of The Smiths tracks. I wasn't paying much attention but I clearly heard 'Oscillate Wildly', 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me', and 'This Charming Man'...
  18. StroudGrecian

    Tisdale goes

    topless guilty pleasure indeed
  19. StroudGrecian

    Jones off

    road ATV and Cycle sales Oklahoma's largest selection of 4 wheelers.
  20. StroudGrecian

    Tuesday 17 March Matches

    No games for us midweek but seven League 2 matches (according to the Beeb), only 2 of which could affect our place in the play-offs. Any result for the Gills at Notts County would see them into an automatic promotion place at 3rd and us down to 6th, and a win would see them go 2nd. A draw for...