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  1. Curley

    Exeter City (who?)

    You'll always be sh*t
  2. Curley


    On your big day out is how it goes right? *****:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  3. Curley

    What goes around.....

    ......comes around!! You sh*t *****s:D :D :D :D
  4. Curley

    I have it on good authority

    That you chums in your biggest game in years last night sang MORE times about Argyle than your sorry selves (facepalm) If so that is embarrassing (rofl) Not a big surprise though in all honesty!
  5. Curley

    Steven Gerrard on Clinton Morrison

    'There was more London opposition in the semi-finals. Crystal Palace are a decent club , but back then they had a complete ***** of a centre forward. Clinton Morrison fancied himself so much he should have married a mirror. Before the game he gave it all the big **** in the papers about how good...
  6. Curley


    Is this really the mentality of your club nowadays? Well done on your win yesterday but thank **** i werent born a grecian (tmi)
  7. Curley

    Pray for Paris

    Argyle and Exeter rivalry aside it's times like this where regardless of where you're from or what football team you support becomes irrelevant. Absolutely gut wrenching stuff. R.I.P to the innocent lives taken.
  8. Curley

    That time of year again

    Hello girls. Just two days until the season starts so thought I would pop by and wish everyone good luck for the season except for when you come up against the greens and as long as you finish below us! :D if you do have a slow start then hopefully you'd have learnt your lesson from last...
  9. Curley

    Paul Sturrock

    Top bloke. Discuss
  10. Curley

    Your match day thread

    Thought I'd have a browse and ***** me I saw more comments about Argyle than i did about Exeter! You really are obsessed with us aren't you?
  11. Curley

    Goggy and Credy

    Match made in heaven surely?(drunk)
  12. Curley


    Does this chap care about Argyle more than his own team? Thought I would look through your matchday thread to cheer myself up and I noticed he mentioned Argyle more than Exeter (rofl) maybehis true colours are coming out B-)
  13. Curley

    It could be worse

    You could have the most incompetent chairman in James Brent and you could have a sunday league manager in John Sheidan :) Im off to the pub. Take care and be on your best behavior girlies.
  14. Curley

    Guess who's back

    Guess who's back, back again Curley's back, tell a friend(beer) Enjoy being above us for now you *****ers, took your time didn;t you? And you had to do it when we have a heap of injuries and played a game less than you I believe! Be back later girls.
  15. Curley

    The joke thread

    I'll start it off.... My opinions are like my bed sheets. I only change them if it helps me get laid
  16. Curley

    Paul Buckle

    Expected to be named Cheltenham boss. Non league manager at best, hasn't done anything of note since leaving the turks
  17. Curley

    Could be worst

    We could of all been born Scottish.
  18. Curley


    Is he really the next Peter Schmeichel you make him out to be? He's only kept 1 clean sheet and even conceded against a pub team (rofl) Also once you sell Grimes in jan your main tactic of 'pass to grimes' is well and truly down the sewer.
  19. Curley

    Hello girls

    Tisdale out? (rofl) (rofl)
  20. Curley

    And you call us tinpot...

    So what does that make you? (rofl) (rofl)