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  1. CityTillIDie

    Exeter vs Gas (Bristol Rovers) Matchday Thread

    Up the city big game today! 2-1 city.
  2. CityTillIDie

    The songs/chants thread.

    Any new songs/chants please post the lyrics in here so as many people as possible can join in the atmosphere at home and away!
  3. CityTillIDie

    Fan Photos and Videos

    up to date photos and videos of what our support achieve home and away. Bradford (H) 7.8.21
  4. CityTillIDie

    Exeter vs Oldham discussion thread

    I’m hope for 3 points and the start of a win streak for us. I’ll go with 2-1. Looking forward to my first evening game at SJP in a while, love a floodlit night game.
  5. CityTillIDie

    P******* tickets for sale?

    Anyone got any? Don’t mind which stand.
  6. CityTillIDie


    What do people think of these results.. some surprising names in there I would’ve thought?!
  7. CityTillIDie

    Ryan Lowe

    What’s our thoughts on argiggles appointing Ryan lowe
  8. CityTillIDie

    Red Legion Photos & Videos

    Not sure if there’s been a thread like this before? Thought it would be a good idea to keep up to date with what our fans achieve home and away...
  9. CityTillIDie

    Bristol Derby

    Predictions, who do you want to win? What channel is it on? 3-1 city I reckon.. sell out crowd!
  10. CityTillIDie

    Matt Jay...

    I thought he looked quite promising took a few hard challenges and made a few decent ones himself! Interesting to see how he progresses...
  11. CityTillIDie

    Guns on Monks Road...

    I was extremely startled to see riot vans and armed police on Monks Road this evening anyone know what its all about?
  12. CityTillIDie

    3rd Kit Designs.

    Put a few 3rd kit designs together, tried to do what was said! Sorry the colours are a bit faded but you get the idea, What do you think?
  13. CityTillIDie

    Argyle new away kit looks slightly familiar!

    Don't know if anyone has mentioned this but the scum obviously like our sky blue kit :S
  14. CityTillIDie

    This is the official Facebook page I assume?

    Some of the crap on here is fantastic, looks like it is run by a 5 year old or of course a janner!(rofl)
  15. CityTillIDie

    Love it or Loathe it-Everton FC's new crest.

    What do you think of it? I personally believe they shouldn't change the crest of any club unless it is really awful. Their crest was fine before its change.
  16. CityTillIDie


    All the siege stuff has died down. The websites down, the Facebook's down no posts on here in ages. Just wondering if they are continuing next season? Would love to see some displays.
  17. CityTillIDie

    Most memorable match?

    Just wondering what your most memorable football match is? Apologies if this thread is a bit boring, I was jus interested ;)
  18. CityTillIDie

    Artur-Love him or loathe him?

    He has had some shockers but he has also had some great games, I don't think it is ok for him to get abuse shouted at him when he is a fairly good keeper overall.
  19. CityTillIDie

    New manager?

    I personally feel its time for someone new, awful performance again today.
  20. CityTillIDie

    Season ticket

    I was just wondering if you guys think it is worth it, I don't go to most away games however I do go to all home games, what would be cheaper season ticket or just buying a ticket at the game? Thanks :)