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  1. StroudGrecian

    Cheltenham vs Exeter - Carabao Cup 1st round. Match day thread

    I'll be making the long trip to Cheltenham in a couple of hours.
  2. StroudGrecian

    Cheltenham vs Exeter - Carabao Cup 1st round. Match day thread

    Scored one of the best team goals I've ever seen from ECFC that night too.
  3. StroudGrecian

    Charlton Away - Saturday 10 September

    Thinking I might go up to London for this, a couple of hours on the National Rejoin March before heading to the Valley (y)
  4. StroudGrecian

    Cheltenham Town v Exeter City - Carabao Cup

    Bit confusing to have the KO time as 7.30 on the club website ticket info page. Everywhere else it's 7.45.
  5. StroudGrecian

    Exeter City v Port Vale Match day Thread

    How are we doing? Stats would suggest Vale on top?
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    FFS Elgy get a grip
  7. StroudGrecian

    July/August 2022 Points Prediction Thread

    30/7 A Lincoln City LOSE 2-0 06/8 H Port Vale DRAW 1-1 13/8 A Cambridge United WIN 1-2 16/8 H Wycombe Wanderers LOSE 0-2 20/8 H Cheltenham Town WIN 2-0 27/8 A Accrington Stanley LOSE 2-1 7pts
  8. StroudGrecian

    Summer Transfer Thread

    Unlikely as it sounds, if you wanted to impress a new prospect from further up the M5 then it would be Gloucester Services (Farm & Kitchen) you'd stop at.
  9. StroudGrecian

    Summer Transfer Thread

    Not entirely sure that the soundtrack from 'Titanic' is what we need on the eve of a new season!
  10. StroudGrecian

    Little things that annoy you

    Big fish Little fish Cardboard box
  11. StroudGrecian


    Topped 37C in the shade here today, absolutely lovely, like Majorca but without the Germans.
  12. StroudGrecian

    Summer Transfer Thread

    There's no disputing that :p
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    Handsome-looking badges though, shame the club shop doesn't have any of this quality.
  14. StroudGrecian

    Forest Green Rovers - 24: September

    Think you said you live in Aldershot - if so, it's the Alton line that's your problem, not the main line from Cheltenham to Paddington!
  15. StroudGrecian

    101 Further Uses For A Boris Johnson

    83. Knocker Upper
  16. StroudGrecian

    Premier League 22/23

    Who happens to have a World Cup winners medal.
  17. StroudGrecian

    Summer Transfer Thread

    My Ipswich supporting mate tells me Norwood is still a liability off the pitch and a divisive figure within the camp - much as he was as a teenager with us.
  18. StroudGrecian

    Derby County away - Tuesday 25 October

    Indeed - a Tuesday evening when I'll be in Madrid.
  19. StroudGrecian

    Ollie Watkins

    Yes, and IIRC that was following an indifferent run of form for him at City - I also remember that Southgate was criticised by the red tops for including Sterling then too.
  20. StroudGrecian

    Ollie Watkins

    I agree, and disappointing that Ollie wasn't involved, but we do need to remember that, despite the 'Nations League' rebranding by UEFA, these matches are simply friendlies and Southgate should be given latitude to experiment.