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    Ethan Ampadu off to Chelsea

    Isn't this what was going to be expected though. TBH, he has played for Chelsea more than I ever thought he would. It was a great move, but Chelsea have hardly ever been a team to allow youngsters to come through the ranks. They just go on loan constantly till they are eventually released.
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    July/August 2022 Points Prediction Thread

    30/7 A Lincoln City. 0-2 L 06/8 H Port Vale. 1-1 D 13/8 A Cambridge United. 1-2 L 16/8 H Wycombe Wanderers 0-2 L 20/8 H Cheltenham Town 2-1 W 27/8 A Accrington Stanley 0-2 L 5 POINTS Lack of new signings may prove costly at the start of the season and probably being very pessimistic, however I...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    I am not too worried at the moment about the lack of signings. I would much rather we brought in players who are going to be the quality needed at this level. If we were signing players left right and centre like Zanzala, I would be worried, as Zanzala although tried is certainly not good...
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    Next Season's Home Shirt - Supporters Choice

    My shirt was arrived yesterday. Quality is not as good as previous seasons and seems thinner. But much prefer the sponsors to be part of the shirt rather than tacky stick ons. Also a better looking shirt than last seasons.
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    Next Season's Home Shirt - Supporters Choice

    Did anyone purchase the new shirt online? Have you received a dispatch email? I purchased mine on Sunday morning at 9AM and it hasn't been shipped yet.
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    Next Season's Home Shirt - Supporters Choice

    They really need to bring back the black shorts
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    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    I would only take Tisdale back if we could have a clone of his 2009 self..
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    I wouldn't say Grounds is going to cost a lot of money, as it probably makes sense to use a very small amount of money on someone who can be trusted to do a job as a squad player. I am sure if we wanted someone as good as or better than Grounds to be a squad player, then it would cost an awful...
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    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    Charlton are apparently interviewing candidates now with not many articles mentioning Taylor online, except at the very bottom. The majority now seem to think it is between Neil Lennon and Michael Beale, who used to be Gerrard's assistant at Rangers. It was the South London Press who initially...
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    Salford !!

    Tisdale is available... He should be able to build something over 3/4 years and get them promoted.
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    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    I know we all want him to stay and keep going in L1. However my advice would be don’t make the same mistakes as Tisdale when he was heavily wanted. He never left and now can’t even get a job at Ted Bakers. Make the most of it whilst your stock is high. And if he does leave then good luck to...
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    League 1 new kit?

    Not quite as no one has asked about release date yet.. So when is it coming out?
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    Port Vale pre Championship Play Off Final 7th May 22

    I think Barrow will be pretty difficult to beat as they have improved quite a bit since Brown came in. Bristol Rovers are the team, I reckon will be promoted on Saturday. FGR match, I will be watching like a hawk whilst on the Bank on Saturday - Although I am sure every Mansfield goal will be...
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    League 2 news 2021/22

    1-1 Now. Come on Manfield. And not very likely but possible. I have faith they will beat FGR next weekend.
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    League 2 news 2021/22

    Come on Mansfield. We need them to win, but even if they lose they can still go up automatically, so they will be up for the FGR game.
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    The Auto(s) Charge

    We are going up.. Playing well at the moment and seem to have the believe to win games. Tranmere is the only game, I feel dodgy about and we can afford to lose that one + I am sure Port Vale and Mansfield will lose another game themselves. We will be promoted after we beat Barrow and the last...
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    League 2 - Tuesday 5th April

    Great result if Forest Green hang on, which they should against 10 men. Looking more like promotion..
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    Player of the Season 21/22

    1. Dieng 2. Dawson 3. Sweeney
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    April/May 2022 Points Prediction Thread

    02/4 A Newport - W 2-1 09/4 A Carlisle - D 0-0 15/4 H Colchester - W 1-0 18/4 A Tranmere - L 2-0 23/4 H Rochdale - W 2-1 26/4 H Barrow - W 2-1 30/4 A Northampton - D 1-1 07/5 H Port Vale - D 1-1 15 POINTS!