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  1. Tim Long

    Devon Bowl 21/2

    Draw for the First round of the Bowl has given City a trip to Plymouth Marjons, out by Derriford Hospital and the defunct airport. To be played at the end of September, allegedly.
  2. Tim Long

    Spotlight at 60

    BBC Spotlight celebrating 60 years on air with footage of former presenters and reporters such as Sheila Tracy*, Huge Scullery, Angela Rippon, Chris Denham etc No Kate Adie, however. Was I the only one to flick the Vs at the TV when Dick Woodacre came on ? *As far as i know the only trombonist...
  3. Tim Long

    Under 16s v Cheltenham Town

    Went to Axminster's FA Vase game on Saturday and they announced that tonight (Monday 12th) they were hosting a City U16s game against Cheltenham, which the announcer thought was a cup final. Can't find any detail about this anywhere and, sadly, I'm now not able to attend. Anyone got more details...
  4. Tim Long

    Connect Four I wonder what it could be about Devon Derbies this season that put the number 'four' in Argyle staff's heads ?
  5. Tim Long

    Does anyone else think...

    ... the Victoria Wood statue... ... looks like Simon Hickson (right) as part of the Singing Corner ?
  6. Tim Long

    Devon Bowl (St Luke's Cup) 2017/8

    The draw has been made - in Torquay, I believe, rather than the EFL draw in Bangkok - for the St Luke's Cup.
  7. Tim Long

    New Fivers

    Has anyone had one of the 'Churchill' fivers yet ? I was hoping that I might get one when I drew some money out this afternoon but sadly not. Then had a rather wild and weird idea that I could try drawing small amounts from several cash tills to increase my chances of getting one. If you have...
  8. Tim Long

    Sale Saturday 13th August

    Dave Bennett will be running a sale of old shirts, shorts, programmes, badges etc in the Grecian Centre from 1030 - 1800 on Saturday 13th Aug (although I assume he will be watching the Hartlepool game !).
  9. Tim Long

    Clever Dick ?

    Did anyone else think that on Spotlight tonight the scorer of Dagenham's first goal at Argyle on Saturday was called Clever Dick Amona ?
  10. Tim Long

    Martin Weiler in the New York Times

    Some people get everywhere...
  11. Tim Long

    Chris Anderson

    Who he ? Just been appointed as Coventry City's Managing Director. Author of The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Football Is Wrong. So far, so irrelevant; however, the paragraph of the link below timed as 1507 reads: "In England, the club I’m closest to is Exeter City. I’m close to...
  12. Tim Long

    When Saturday Comes Issue 337

    An article by a City fan in the latest When Saturday Comes, only seen the build up paragraph, not the full article. It's the Money For Nothing article. Nice use of 'sullied'.
  13. Tim Long

    An Idea For Fore Street ?

    Could this be tried in Exeter ? Fore Street would be ideal, particularly if extended into New Bridge Street and then, erm, the river.
  14. Tim Long

    Logie to Appear in Dr Who...

    ... OK, someone who looks a bit like him.
  15. Tim Long

    Newton St Cyres Centenary

    The Devon FA's Newsletter for this month celebrates Newton St Cyres's centenary. In the picture towards the bottom of the page opposite a paragraph about the late 80s (the one with the team in red and white halves), there's a fresh faced youngster in the middle of the back row holding a...
  16. Tim Long

    Suspicious Little Things

    Many moons past, when I was more cynical, I would have considered it a particularly bad omen for a City home game to fall on my birthday. Or if I'd mislaid my favourite bobble hat. Or put the right sock on before the left. However, it got me thinking about what little things can be considered...
  17. Tim Long

    Back Pass Magazine

    The latest issue of Back Pass contains articles on Steve Perryman and John Hore.
  18. Tim Long

    Ajax 'Sign' Eight-year-old

    How the Amsterdam giants 'signed an eight-year-old boy.
  19. Tim Long

    Yay Or Nay #2507149

    Latvian student at Exeter University, Elina Desaine. Reminiscent of the American comedy Arrested Development's Girls With Low Self Esteem.
  20. Tim Long


    I've always been sceptical about astrology - typical Aquarius, apparently. I'm wondering how good this guy is; is Shabba a Libra ?