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  1. Tim Long

    Obituary Thread

  2. Tim Long

    Obituary Thread

    As in "how many policeman does it take to break a lightbulb? None, it fell down the stairs"?
  3. Tim Long

    Former Players
  4. Tim Long

    A face you would never tire of punching

    It was twelve years ago...
  5. Tim Long


    Well, somebody had to revive this thread when Paul McCartney was sing Hey Jude at Glastonbury...
  6. Tim Long

    Fixtures Release Date - Thursday 23 June 9am

    "April is the cruellest month" - Toilets (anag)
  7. Tim Long

    The entertainment thread.

    Colleague tried me out on this: the one with hundreds of moving parts is also the name of an Exeter pub.
  8. Tim Long


    Are you sure this isn't a drone photo of a crop 'circle' ? Even the aliens are celebrating City's promotion (except the little green men, of course)
  9. Tim Long

    City clothing

    Except a Hawaiian shirt, apparently.
  10. Tim Long

    TV Times

    .... and Jason the cat in the middle. According to Wikipedia, Petra died in 1977, so probably her with Peter Pervs.
  11. Tim Long

    Little things that amuse you

    Ah, but do you also go and dry the dock?
  12. Tim Long

    Former Players

    Funnily enough I described someone at cricket as a 'lad' who's round about thirty. It all depends on your frame of reference. I miss the donkeys in the little paddock at Southern Road. No idea where they went.
  13. Tim Long

    Former Players

    Are you aware of a 'whooshing' sound? It's the point of my post going over your head. That's precisely who I'm referring to. I've seen Exmouth Town many times, and Ace High is more of a veteran than a lad. I'd definitely have preferred him to Rowan Vine when vine was on loan at City.
  14. Tim Long

    Obituary Thread

    According to The Star announced on Deadline - do they only do obituaries ?
  15. Tim Long

    Former Players

    Judging from his month at City, I'd rather have had Ace High. Or maybe their swear filter has corrected 'arse'
  16. Tim Long

    Little things that annoy you

    Reminiscent of the Exeter Uni rag mag joke of yesteryear that the interview to go to the Uni is: Lecturer: Prounounce A-I-R Student: Air L: Pronounce H-A-I-R S: Hair L: Pronounce L-A-I-R S: Lair L: Now could you put them together in a sentence S: Air-hair-lair, welcome to Exeter
  17. Tim Long

    Former Players

    I mean Neil Pornocs, apparently. Thank you, swear filter. Let's see what it does with 'porno'...
  18. Tim Long

    Former Players

    Some interesting news about a former City loanee and Colin person.
  19. Tim Long

    Former CEOs

    Count Dracula?