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  1. Matt Phillips

    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    People have mentioned Cam as being our best keeper since Hamer, and I do wonder if Hamer might actually be an option. Swansea signed a new No.1 in Jan, and Hamer's not really been involved since. Out of contract in the summer, and never really nailed down a starting place in a Championship team...
  2. Matt Phillips

    Exeter City V Colchester Utd Matchday Thread

    Really comfortable game, which perhaps didn't help us at times as this squad thrives off pressure and competitiveness. MotM a really difficult selection. Zanzala probably had his best performance in a city shirt, Key back to the form that brought the interest in him, Stubbs an absolute rock yet...
  3. Matt Phillips

    The Auto(s) Charge

    I keep looking at the run in, and find myself both getting carried away and concerned. Ourselves and FGR have the most difficult run-ins, which means if we can keep stringing out wins, we could definitely catch them. That being said, I look at Port Vale and Mansfield especially, and don't see...
  4. Matt Phillips

    Mansfield Town v Exeter City match day thread.

    The first goal came from Sweeney trying to sort the defense out after a corner was cleared and completely losing track of where he was, when he needed to cover the space at RB. This left their LB in acres of space to receive a pass, and put the cross in. Agree to disagree on the right v left...
  5. Matt Phillips

    Mansfield Town v Exeter City match day thread.

    Just back. Strange game. Two good sides, Mansfield a much better passing team than I'd expected, and I think they probably out-thought us on the day. Our CB, Stubbs, best player on the park by an absolute mile. Seems to be finding his range of passing, and completely dominated an experienced...
  6. Matt Phillips

    Bradford City vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    He knows when to do it as well. Bradford were completely dominant for the first 5 minutes, and then Cam took about 2 minutes to take a goal kick and completely took the sting out of them.
  7. Matt Phillips

    Exeter City vs Portsmouth Match Day Thread (7.30pm KO)

    Think that this is the most frustrating team we've had in a while. There's so much quality, yet so many gaps, not just in depth (clearly up front) but also in mentality. Caprice... he's tricked us into thinking that he's improved this year, when in fact he's just "exciting" because he runs at...
  8. Matt Phillips

    Exeter City v Northampton Town : L2 : 7.45pm : MDT

    This squad is so difficult to understand. Some week's we look great, with so much depth. Other week's, our starters look limited and our bench lacks options. I think we really miss Dieng. He's always a solid 7/10 every game, whereas Kite will have good games and bad ones. Tonight was...
  9. Matt Phillips

    Rochdale versus Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    I don't think it's always Nombe's fault. One of the offsides came from a hopeful ball lifted back into an area, after Nombe was had just competed for the ball with their defender. Also, the service to him didn't help. With some passes coming too late, contributing to him being offside, or more...
  10. Matt Phillips

    Alex Hartridge

    If someone was flat footed, it was Colin Daniels, who just watched the ball go past him. He left it, which then drew Hartridge in to try the interception. The higlights don't catch it, but Dawson went absolutely ballistic at Daniels. When the camera pans back, you see Daniel's sheepishly walking...
  11. Matt Phillips

    Is Project 6000 and sustainability in L1 compatible with selling our "Gems"?

    It's not just about recruitment, but also allowing a path for more academy players to come through. If we'd have kept JMT, would Hartridge have had the space to emerge? At some point, will Nombe/Jay need to leave to give room to Cox? I think that the club have to sell when players are at their...
  12. Matt Phillips

    Salford City v Exeter City Match Day Thread

    Thought we played really well yesterday, without creating too many clear cut chances. Nombe probably should have done better with his chance in the first half, but it was difficult to tell being down the other end. Also think Collins deserves alot of praise for taking on the pass to Amond at the...
  13. Matt Phillips

    Trust AGM 2021

    I'm unable to report on proceedings in general, as I'm stuck isolating after catching Covid, but I do have the election results! Julen Beer Ayo 446 Jon Beer. 351 Elaine Davis. 586 Nick Edwards. 360 Pete Ferlie. 404 Matt Philips. 288...
  14. Matt Phillips

    Investment Proposal - Trust ballot

    Agree with others, that this is really good initial comms on the training ground development. In general, I'm on board with the proposal, but I do have some concerns on the financials presented, with some pretty big assumptions being made in the projections. I've sent the following questions to...
  15. Matt Phillips

    FA leadership-diversity-code why did we not sign up for this.

    I'm not sure many of the Asian communities in the UK would agree with this... You see corrective actions taken in many places to encourage better practice. For example, long term subsidies to encourage investment in green energy, and short term initiatives, such as the current proposals to bail...
  16. Matt Phillips

    2021 Trust Board Hustings 17:30 2nd October

    I'm not sure the exact number off the top of my head, and meeting minutes are no longer available on the website. I believe that I only missed 1 or 2, but it was probably about 50/50 whether I attended in person, or dialled in. The latter was never easiest, but I'd like to think that the...
  17. Matt Phillips

    2021 Trust Board Hustings 17:30 2nd October

    After reading it back, I agree. Apologies for the confusion. It's been a long weekend 😴 If anyone has any other questions, please fire away!
  18. Matt Phillips

    2021 Trust Board Hustings 17:30 2nd October

    I meant on the Monday after... I was on the Trust board from 2015-2017, and would regularly plan weekend's to Exeter to attend a Trust Board meeting on the Monday (taking time off work to do so) as well as getting the benefit of being able to make the game on the Saturday. Monday's were the...
  19. Matt Phillips

    2021 Trust Board Hustings 17:30 2nd October

    Cheers i8, and no worries on missing it before. 1) The honest answer is not many. This season I'll be down for the game after the AGM (Newport), a couple of Christmas, and then as and when I come down to see family. If elected though, I would try to get to as many trust board meetings as...
  20. Matt Phillips

    2021 Trust Board Hustings 17:30 2nd October

    Hi i8. I did actually reply on the Trust election thread with abit of an intro, and an offer to answer any questions thrown my way. I was one of the candidates who couldn't attend the hustings (something I also mentioned in the other thread, and was hopefully explained in the intro I submitted...