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  1. Ian Mancey

    For me a few unanswered questions.

    Probably been mentioned elsewhere but I cant be bothered to trawl through the posts. 1. Who decided to cut the playing budget, and why? surely that is like asking a petrol station to cut back on buying and selling petrol? 2. Where did/have the revenue streams gone, when we initially had to...
  2. Ian Mancey

    Argyle away

    I'm as disappointed as the next man with this season so far , but! I personally believe we should all get behind the team in the build up to this one ! Get down to that **** hole And give the team every hope of bringing home a result! We won in the JPT because of the support !
  3. Ian Mancey

    Lines of communication open

    I am in the process of opening lines of communication with my Yellow friends. Good luck boys and bring home the points! I have my oops button at the ready mind! Green side of Devon seem very quiet tonight! must be nervous tonight! sighhhhhhhhh
  4. Ian Mancey

    The Big Bank Glee Club

    Fortunatley I was bought up in the Cow Cow shed We sang our hearts out for the lads regardless! If you try and get a chant going nowdays on the Big bank, no chance unless the Glee club at the back are willing! For the last 2 weeks I have listened to the younger elements talking about the Glee...
  5. Ian Mancey

    Sick of the Behaviour on the Big Bank!

    I do believe the bahaviour of the few has been mentioned in previous threads before but! Today I joined a good friend on the big bank. We stood just in front of the heart. Unfortunatley a mindless minority, of youths or juveniles, took it upon themselves for what i believe no reason at all...
  6. Ian Mancey

    Easter Eggs

    Just seen my first easter egg!!! Popped into the one stop and they are putting out easter Eggs!!! WTF lets get into the New Year first??????/?
  7. Ian Mancey

    Situations vacant/ Jobs

    In these uncertain times is it worth having a job/ situations vacant thread? situations vacant could be displayed, i appreciate that there will be some loop holes but? what do you think If as exewebbers or City fans we can help other city/ exewebbers, surley this would be a good thing?
  8. Ian Mancey

    Singers & or Songs that remind you of people

    Bob Hope, Thanks for the memories Nursey & Zider! :D
  9. Ian Mancey

    Christmas Cake Ingredients:

    PROBABLY THE BEST YOU HAVE EVER HAD! Christmas Cake Ingredients: * 2 cups flour * 1 stick butter * 1 cup of water * 1 tsp baking soda * 1 cup of sugar * 1 tsp salt * 1 cup of brown sugar * Lemon juice * 4 large eggs * Nuts * 1 bottle tequila * 2 cups of dried fruit...
  10. Ian Mancey

    Best touch screen phone?

    Thinking about a new touch screen mobile? Which one is the best or best value? Please help me decide thank you
  11. Ian Mancey

    Nursey (Ironside) & Ziders long weekend

    Well it started ok setting off from Exeter at 8.30! went down hill from there really:'( Got totally lost in Guildford so did the right thing, pulled over and rang me. We are In frankie and bennies carpark. No probs turn left. 10 Mins later "we are on a three laned road in the middle of...
  12. Ian Mancey

    Can anyone pick up some tickets from Heavitree Please

    Is there anyone who is coming to Aldershot today that can pick up a ticket or tickets from heavitree (Tin Balls Mcginty) and meet is in the La Fonteine pre match? Appologies if this thread is in wrong place but time is pressing
  13. Ian Mancey

    Ticket needed for Aldershot

    I know its late but Liam has just rang me and told me he has the weekend off and is coming home!!! Anyone please got a spare ticket? Please PM me or get hold of Nursey or Zider thank you
  14. Ian Mancey

    Another chapter in the book of Life

    Appologies if no one is interested but Id like to share this with you guys. The Mancey household has reached a new chapter in the book of life! Liam my eldest(17) is leaving home tomorrow(08.50) to pursue a career in the Royal Navey. It seems quite surreal that he is leaving home at such a...