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    Fixtures Release Date - Thursday 23 June 9am

    Sheff Wed, Bolton and Pompey all in December. They are Big Clubs so most of their squad should be in Qatar, right?
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    Obituary Thread

    Billy Bingham's World Cup success was very impressive, but beating Germany (West) home and away was maybe even more extraordinary. Check out the Euro 1984 qualifying table ... Both games are on YouTube if you want to check them...
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    The National League (Conference) and non league football thread

    The National League system is probably fairer than the League (EFL) one, and the old Conference one. There is some advantage for teams finishing 2nd or 3rd. Under the old system you would have missed out in 6th ... ;)
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    The National League (Conference) and non league football thread

    Congratulations to Grimsby and Les. In their 2 promotions via the play-offs, Grimsby's final opponents were a total of 19 points above them in the table!
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    League 1 News 22-23

    There's been the occasional cup tie, but we haven't played the "M5 derby" in the league for 30 years. Only one division difference now, so it could happen again.
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    Odds & sods

    Not many goals being scored that season, which was historically very significant. In fact it was the last season before the offside law was changed, to one we would recognise today.
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    The Official Title Deciding Exeter City versus Port Vale Matchday Thread

    Correction: It was the biggest day for 11 days.
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    Statistics and Club History

    Top statting, thanks. "Fewest away defeats" is remarkable. By way of comparison, when City also finished 2nd in the same division in 1977, we'd notched up 5 away defeats before December!
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    Go On Then........Both Barrells

    Ah, don't be hard on yourself. It's been a fun ride. Aim for 7th, finish 2nd ... or aim for 1st, finish 2nd. Same fixture list next season. And in a way Ian was right. FGR did give City every chance. They kept their side of the bargain by not winning today, yet again. We just didn't accept...
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    The Official Title Deciding Exeter City versus Port Vale Matchday Thread

    We've all celebrated promotion and a fantastic season on a hundred other threads, people are entitled to feel flat on this one. Positivity is great but let us kick the furniture for a few minutes first. (Not the cat though, don't kick the cat, just the cushions).
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    The Official Title Deciding Exeter City versus Port Vale Matchday Thread

    So disappointing. Not so much missing out, as the way it happened. Mansfield did us a favour, the draw should have been enough.
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    Former Players

    For once, I didn't want Ollie to score ... but he has.
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    League Two- All other final games.

    Not often (if ever) that City come anywhere close to top billing in the 3 pm league games (regular season, not the play-offs). But today it's only L2 and a handful of Premier League games, Burnley's the most notable. So this is City's moment in the sun, the centre of media attention ... the last...
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    So who’s better?

    I think Bobby Saxton holds the record for leaving City in the highest position, around 8th in 1979 (as mentioned above, decamped to Argyle and replaced by Brian Godfrey). Other managers did well but then hung around for the decline so the memories are more mixed.
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    What’s your favourite?

    The old memory needs a VAR check there, Peter Hatch was in the 1977 team, as I mentioned in this very popular thread ... Fred Binney was kind of responsible for building that team, because when he left the swaps from Brighton...
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    Promotion celebrations

    Thinking back to earlier ones ... 1964: well before my time, but I can recall a retrospective much later, showing David Vine on Westward TV, with fans at (I think) St David's station. City's only "black and white" promotion! 1977: plenty of memories for this one, I was at school. After the...
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    Matt Taylor appreciation thread

    I don't think you need to be that hard on yourselves. The original issue was not so much Matt becoming manager as the process (not advertising, interviewing outsiders etc), and that was a reasonable point. If he does leave for another club you would expect the club to try and get the best...
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    Four Words

    Next season: three words.
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    Matt Taylor appreciation thread

    There aren't many L1 clubs that would be better for him than ECFC. Most of the division is in 1 of 2 categories: a) the "sleeping giants" who would sack a manager in December because they're "only" 7th and they're too Big For This League and b) clubs that are already over-achieving and are no...
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Wonderful photo. (Why is there a guy on the left delivering a pizza? :D )