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    Promotion celebrations

    Thinking back to earlier ones ... 1964: well before my time, but I can recall a retrospective much later, showing David Vine on Westward TV, with fans at (I think) St David's station. City's only "black and white" promotion! 1977: plenty of memories for this one, I was at school. After the...
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    Captain's Armbands

    The ultimate test for a spotter's gold badge ... A good (detailed) article from the Guardian about the history of the armband. Niche, but there you go. :) Used in Europe for decades, before it was common in the Football League So who was the first ECFC captain to wear one? Did anyone notice...
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    Dick Pym in Topsham

    TV interview from 1981. Covers his career, including ECFC. Some familiar scenery in the background. (click on "YouTube").
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    Anyone know the scores?

    I expect a few Exewebbers will recognize themselves here: a look back at the various ways people followed the Saturday scores, pre-internet ... If you'd been at SJP then...
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    Are you chivalrous?

    And considerate, and inventive? Apparently you are ...
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    King Paul I

    Britain is waiting with baited breath as political leaders attempt to form a government. Under the traditional British constitution, which dates all the way back to 2010, a party leader must persuade His Majesty Paul Tisdale that they have the support of a majority of MPs. David Cameron is...
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    Paul Fletcher

    Paul Fletcher was a useful striker for Burnley in the 1970's. He joined Blackpool in 1980 when Tony Kellow was there, and so Kellow was promptly transferred back to City, for a club record fee. Ironically, Kellow played his first game for the Grecians (second time around) against Blackpool...
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    Enough said! Thank you to all the people who saved our club, re-built our club, and now have yet another incredible day to savour. Thanks for believing, and achieving. Take a bow!
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    Football kit challenge

    Worst wins. Here's mine: Game over. I won. (it's an Italian lower league club, Fossombrone).
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    The tragic death of "shoe"

    … is a lie. Hello Steve Rookes, or “shoe”, or now, “Alf Garnet”. I did not comment publicly yesterday, because I thought you might come to your senses and own up to your sick joke in the Social Club thread. But you’ve had long enough. People have taken you at your word and have been saddened...