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    The Pitch

    Can anyone explain why our pitch is so c--p after it was dug up 2 seasons in a row ,and a vast amount of money spent on getting what Tisdale wanted? Also we were told the money came from the playing budget.
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    Here we go again

    Taking the readings of the away 'friendlies' (not the results they don't matter) but the SCORES With the exit of Ollie ---can anyone suggest where the goals are coming from this season? No good relying on Reed & Wheeler all the time.
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    wembley sunday 28th

    Unable to travel by any of the coaches that may be going --I am finding myself driving by car Anyone with any SENSIBLE suggestions how to get to wembley without driving through London. i.e park & tube?
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    City v Yeovil

    I have just read all the hype & rubbish written in Thurs E & E re last saturdays match City for 85 mins were crap & Yeovil were even worse. Easily the worst team up the park this season. If it wasn't for the purple patch in injury time this would be seen as the match that ended the playoff...
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    help needed

    Sports dept. of the E&E./WMN. Sunday Independent Please come to our help Stop sitting on the fence & surely even you can see we can't put up with this shambles. Reporters of the past would have blasted the home record ---not just report what Tisdale wants you to print We have to get...
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    city v hartlepool

    Saturday 13th (good job it was nor Friday!! 1 The Match CRAP 2 The Team JURY STILL OUT 3 The Kit COUDN'T SEE THE PLAYERS NAMES LAST SEASON NOW YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THEIR NUMBERS 4 The Tannoy ON THE BIG BANK YOU CANNOT HEAR A WORD SAID 5 Overall...
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    Preston N E

    Lee Holmes to city then--- Take a look at bbc,uk click on transfers pan down and see the exits from P.N.E. what a clear out!
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    where's hamon not on bench?
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    Can anyone remember the date we were bottom of the table ie 92nd Even the year we went down to the Conf. we were bottom---- it was Shrewsbury. How about forcing their hand-by getting as many as we can to stay away on Saturday V Oxford Lets try voting with our feet.
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    city win

    strange how all go's quite on exeweb when City get a win Must be the shock
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    another loss

    How much longer do we have to put up with this? Anybody have a map --where do Dartford play we are going to need to know!
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    Harley signs for Brighton

    According to E & E Harley signed for Brighton for £250,000 For which we get F A This stinks Questions should be asked.
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    awayday sheffield.

    Have a look at comments from Sheffield on Mike Blackstones page!!! See -- www.dark rock diaries
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    down the road

    87 mins gone lads 0--3 nearly there
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    keeping a clean sheet

    Do we have a problem come 31st March? With Hamer having to return to Reading (end of loan period) & Krysiak taking over in goal----who's on the bench as cover, Jones back?