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    Old Well St steps entrance.

    There was reference to these steps in a recent posting but, as i can't be bothered to search for it, please excuse it having it's own thread. It's interesting that the doorways are still there and the steps, albeit as a dumping ground for rubble, were still there until the demolition of the OG...
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    Exeweb problems

    Is there some problem with Exeweb? Although i've clicked 'stay logged in', every time i leave Exeweb and want to return i have to log-in afresh all over again! Has Exeweb been 'hacked' by Russia i ask? Should we be standing by for scam emails offering us free L2 points in return for our bank...
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    EFL Green Clubs

    I'm surprised no one has picked up on this yet. So i wonder where ECFC stands out of the 72 EFL Clubs.
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    ECFC Community Trust

    There's a item on BBC Spotlight this evening about the work that the Community Trust do with young people. No idea what it says as i've just seen it previewed at he beginning of the programme.
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    Adam Stansfield shirt/flag.

    Could whoever is the custodian of the Adam Stansfield shirt/flag please pm bme soonest?
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    Cowshed Primroses.

    We are in the process of putting together an information board recording the creation of The Memorial Garden and as such, are looking for any photos of the Primroses that used to be on the bank in front of The Cowshed stand. If anybody has any photos, either B&W or, if you were that rich...
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    Memorial Plaques at SJP.

    For the relatives and friends of Grecians who have been remembered & commemorated by the addition of Memorial Plaques added to the Memorial Garden Wall of Remembrance there have been 4 more added today. Plaques commemorating Trevor HARWOOD, Chris Horgan, Graham JIGGINS & Dave DOGHERTY were...
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    Donate a shirt.

    Rather than 'high jack' the Season tickets thread, i thought it best to start a new one, specifically to deal with the possibility of Season ticket holders donating their 'gesture' free shirt towards this cause. To make it a bit more simple to understand, i propose that we try to collect shirts...
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    What happened to free speech on Exeweb?

    How long will it be before this thread is removed? I bet it doesn't even make 0800 UK time before the Kremlin act.
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    Tisdale for .............

    So as not to dissapoint too many people and to help ease them into this revamped Exeweb i thought that i'd resurect one of the old favourite threads. " Tisdale for Chelsea, Oldham, Stockport, Reading, Blackburn, Stevenage, …….."
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    Exeweb Technical Dificulties

    Sorry to hear that but did suspect there could be a [major] problem when i was unable to access the site for several hours yesterday. Could this be 'the gods' telling us something or is it, as in the words and beliefs of Ken Roche, 'punishment for something that we ALL did in past lives'? The...
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    A former user now banned Poll

    While we're in 'poll mode' here on Exeweb how about we start a poll asking Exe webbers to vote on the following; Do you think that dear old Mr P [A former user now banned] is a sad, bile driven, friendless, social skills lacking, manic depressant who keeps forgetting to take his medicine on a regular basis...
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    Non ECFC - FA Cup

    What an excellant jesture on the part of the FA. It's just a pity we fell by the wayside up at Bury! 'Courageous' soldier Mark Ward to present FA Cup Cpl Mark Ward said football was a massive part of Army life A soldier praised for his courage in Afghanistan which saw him awarded the...
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    PAFC v Leyton Orient

    What's the odds on PAFC beating Orient this afternoon and thereby [hopefully] handing ECFC 7th place? Combine that with their relegation and The Samariton's phone lines in Plymouth will be in meltdown. Time to get shares in BT. Oh happy days!
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    GOAL: Crystal Palace 1-1 Derby : Moxey (21) Ex players can always be relied on to come back and bite you. Andy In The 'Providence Channel'.