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    Mystery venue on Well Street

    Just received details of an opportunity on Well Street; " This is a chance to create a unique venue for a student and young professional customer base. Located just off the city centre, it will really stand out from its competitors with a focus on retro games. With coffee in the morning...
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    Exeter City v Oldham Official match day thread

    Either a start to this thread is lost in the ozone, or I can't see it! Mods feel free to merge. Early weather report due to Trust AGM. It's dull, 11c and complete grey cloud cover. Only a trace or rain in the last 24 hours, though it's been a wet week. Wind is WSW but scarcely moving anything at...
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    A view from afar

    There's been an interesting set of articles about support for football within local areas in the Financial Times Weekend over the last couple of weekends, culminating in a letter from a Liverpool fan about the views of Argyle supporters in today's letter page. You can find it at...
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    Thoughts from our Chairman

    Interesting article in today's Guardian:
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    He is still political! Reassuringly David Wheeler..ish
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    Blessing in disguise?

    It's been really wet over night and into this morning. We had about 7mm of rain in the last 24 hours and everything is absolutely sodden because it also rained hard on Friday night. In the event of having played yesterday the state of the pitch would have been even worse. At least the pitch gets...
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    So farewell them, Berwick Rangers!

    Berwick finally bowed out of the Scottish league system with a whimper and a 7-0 aggregate defeat today. So the question can no longer be asked about which English Club plays in the Scottish League. It was always a friendly club, with a welcome for a few lunatic City supporters who from time to...
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    Season overview from the IP stand

    Probably premature, but needing to get my thoughts in order before we play this afternoon's game, and I give a paper at an International Conference about fan ownership next week. Firstly I think we've done better than I expected, but not as well as I hoped. The updates and improvements to the...
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    Notts County

    Not only are Notts County up for sale, but their owners Companies have gone into receivership, and the Club have been served a winding up order. Apparently there are potential owners who are 'foreign', but clearly they'll not be in a hurry to own until they have a good idea of the level of debt...
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    Division Two preview - The Guardian

    An interesting piece in today's Guardian about likely winners and losers; There's a thread of faulty logic running through it, in my opinion, and some of the players to watch out for seem fairly random.
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    Victoria Inn

    Mods feel free to move this, but Victoria Street is an extension of Victoria Road, which is an extension of Well Street! After having been closed for several months the Victoria Inn is open again, and the new Landlord, Andy, will be stating open during University holidays. He's got four real...
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    Portsmouth - takeover,avoiding the obvious jibe

    There's a report in today's Guardian (natch) about events at Portsmouth FC. Link at; It'll be interesting to see what ordinary supporters have to say about this potential...
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    Food bank day

    Just a reminder that we are collecting for the Exeter food-bank at the game this afternoon. Almost any tinned or dried food welcome, but please try to make a conscious effort to give something. Whatever your political views about the need for charity starving isn't a very good start to the New Year.
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    The continuing saga of the scoreboard that seldom works

    It appears that the Club are trialling an electronic scoreboard for the Mansfield game on 17th December. It's a one-off, and it is being done at no coat to the Club, though the company concerned is trying to sell advertising time/space to various sponsors allegedly at £395 a go (presumably +...
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    Geoge Friend makes Private Eye!

    There's an interesting, if completely banal, story about George Friend in the current edition of Private Eye. Problem is that the story has practically nothing to say about George, but repeats a story that appears elsewhere and which the journo who started it seems to think has legs. It doesn't...
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    The cult of personality

    I was struck by a posting by Red Bill on another thread which was; "One of the problems as I see it, is the myth that's built up that Tisdale is the only manager who's team....." The important word is "myth" because it's indicative, in my view, of one of the issues that has beset the...
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    Potentially positive outcome for planning application.

    Just whiled away some time looking at the recommendation of the Planning Officer for the SJP/Student Accommodation report which will be published ahead of the Planning Committee meeting on 8th February. For anyone on these forums who has doubted City Council support for ECFC take time to read...
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    Weather watch

    I think it's going to be worth checking during the course of the day how much rain is falling in Exeter. We've had over 1.5 mm in the two hours since 10:00 and there's a severe weather warning for more rain in the next 24 hours. My garden, located less than 400m from SJP, and which drains very...
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    Fan owned Clubs

    There's a spate of Clubs whose fans are seeking to gain control of their Clubs - the most recent of which is Newport County, who raised the money to buy their club, which they did yesterday. Bath City fans are also seeking to raise enough to buy out the current management. I thought there ought...
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    Our delightful interactive scoreboard

    Surely it's nor beyond the capabilities of someone on matchdays to ensure that a) It starts at the right time b) It starts again at the start of the second half. It dismally failed test a) on Saturday, a point not lost on the Hartlepool supporters that I spoke to after the game who guffawed...