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    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    Kevin Nicholson
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    The Auto(s) Charge

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    Rochdale 23 Apr 22 pre match discussion

    A few (probably) useless stats on Rochdale this season. They have 4 away wins at Northampton-Port Vale-Barrow and their last away victory was at Scunthorpe on Feb 19th. They have only scored once in their last 5 away games ie. 1 goal at Leyton Orient. Their form has been totally unpredictable...
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    League 2 news 2021/22

    Lets hope he does not recall Zinzala, that could leave us in the pooh.
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    Owura Edwards in on loan from Bristol City

    Don't forget we have Jack Sparkes back now.
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    Four Words

    Hummm the name Nombeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Welcome Sam Stubbs

    Have I got this right, Sam had a knee operation last October 2020 which I assume was successful but has left him with fluid on the knee which wont go away. The fluid would be there for a reason surely to protect an injury and suggests that there is still a problem with his knee. This post is...
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    Starting eleven for next season

    I would fit Mc Cardle in for experience as it stands at the moment..
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    The Serious Torquay Thread

    It's quite amazing how you can win a play off final 3-1 and not get promoted because of naf officials, VAR should be present in all finals of such relevance IMO.
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    Ryan Bowman..... (to Shrewsbury)

    Jay is at his best when Joel Randell is on the pitch.
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    Transfer Rumours 2020/21

    Blair Henderson Edinburgh FC...worth a look ?
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    Exeter City Vs Newport County Matchday Thread

    If there was a large crowd at the Park to watch this 'must win' game against Newport, and they witnessed the team not having a single shot on target, I think Matt Taylor would have got an awful lot of verbal, but of course as there wasn't he will not be experiencing the wrath of the fans.
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    Nicky Ajose

    I wish someone on here knew Ajose and could get the real reason for his lack of activity, but that wont happen.
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    Archie Collins

    I wish this were true !! I am of the opinion that Archie should have been dropped from an automatic 'pen in' start quite a long time ago. He has got into a habit of getting rid of the ball as quickly as he can and passing either sideways or backwards creating nothing for the players in front of...
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    Port Vale v The Mighty Exeter City MDT. 3pm KO

    I believe I am right in saying that Stubbs had a knee operation in October 2020, thats around 5 months ago ,we signed him in the January window and he has not kicked a ball for us yet. Has he had a set back in his recovery ? How serious is or was his injury ? Will he play this season ? We were...
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    Player of the season

    Ajose, for doing the right thing and stepping aside to give others a chance.
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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    The population of Burnley is 88,000 and Turf Moor has a ground capacity of 21,944, and they manage to survive in the Premiership. The population of Exeter is 128,000 and St James park has a ground capacity of 8,696 and we manage to consistently stay in Division 2 !!! We have the potential...
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    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    I think Bowman is back on saturday having served his 3 games against Colchester,Crawley and Walsall.
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    Exeter v Walsall discussion thread

    IMO we must start with our best available team, forget rotation, is it not better to make substitutions duing the match when we have a lead to preserve players energy ?