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  1. Swanaldo


    What are your top three go-to sarnie combos? Bonus pointage for specific bread pairings. 1. Brie, Apple and Grape - betwixt some sort of malted/multigrain bread 2. Cheese, Red Onion and Brown Sauce - on a soft brown bap. The cheaper and more vinegary the brown sauce, the better. 3. Cheese and...
  2. Swanaldo

    Cannot reply to certain threads...

    I tried to reply to the 'Adverts' thread below, but the 'Post Reply' button remains greyed-out no matter what I type into the text box. Anyone else had this glitch?
  3. Swanaldo

    Five To Choose - Music Edition

    Lennon or McCartney? Supertramp or Supergrass? Queen or Prince? Danny Elfman or John Williams? Knopfler or Gilmour? Go!
  4. Swanaldo

    Five Under-rated Albums

    Five albums you love that were passed over by the critics/buying public. I'll start: Saint Etienne - Finisterre. Dance-tinged pop perfection. Sleater-Kinney - The Woods. Face melting riot grrl riffs that just get better and better with each track. Depeche Mode - Exciter. Their best album after...
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    Has anyone else played this game? You are presented with a series of 'Google Street View' images, and must use your judgement to pinpoint the location on a map of the world. I find it quite entertaining and weirdly addictive. Linky
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    I seem to have lost all formatting options when replying to posts. No Bold/Italic/FontSize options, nothing at all. Has something changed or is it my browser?
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    Five to Choose - Christmas Music Edition

    1. Favourite Oldie 2. Favourite Modern 3. Guilty Christmas Pleasure 4. Not-really-a-Christmas-song but makes you feel festive. 5. Worst Christmas Song Ever Ho Ho Go!
  8. Swanaldo


    Spin off from the Music Quiz thread for those who enjoy a cryptic crossword puzzle. I've done a slightly larger Music themed one, no winners and losers here - just have fun completing in your own time. Pen and paper version Interactive version I look forward to one of you clever bods doing...
  9. Swanaldo

    Watching the POF at SJP...?

    For those of us without the wherewithal to make it to London this year, does anyone know if the club is showing the match on the big screen as usual? I can't find any info anywhere.
  10. Swanaldo

    The Penny Drops.

    What seemingly-obvious things did you not cotton onto until later life? For example: It took me a long time to realise that the written word 'Ascertain' was the same word I had been hearing and using, pronounced 'assatain'. I must have read two or three novels by David Mitchell before...
  11. Swanaldo

    5 to Cruise

    1. First Car 2. Current Car 3. Best Car 4. Worst Car 5. Dream Car. Go!
  12. Swanaldo

    Yay or Nay #34592836219

    Bargain Hunt/Antiques Road Trip expert Natasha Raskin
  13. Swanaldo

    Attention cheese lovers

    Open Farm Day at Quicke's tomorrow. I assume there will be free samples.
  14. Swanaldo

    My mate's so thick...

    ...he thought Flexible Isa was a Glaswegian stripper.
  15. Swanaldo

    Oxford Game Re-arranged

    Exeter City's home Sky Bet Football League 2 match against Oxford United Official will now kick-off at 7:45pm on Tuesday 23rd February.
  16. Swanaldo

    Crap songs.

    What song can you not bear to listen to? Tunes that have me running across the room to kill the radio are: 'Temptation' by Heaven 17 'Lady Marmalade' (I'm actually shuddering just typing the words) 'Jump Around' by House of Pain I once worked with a guy who would shut himself in the toilet...
  17. Swanaldo

    Exeweb Come Dine With Me

    For all the foodies on here. What would your menu be, were you to be invited on to Channel 4's illustrious dining show?
  18. Swanaldo

    Westcountry Movies

    There's Something About Mary Tavy Swede Home Alabama Bow Fingers Not Another Teign Movie White Men Can't Scrump
  19. Swanaldo

    Mediocre Cover Bands

    The Foreplay Pistols Light Purple Hearing-Impaired Leppard Mal Jovi
  20. Swanaldo

    Yay or Nay No 24928649

    BBC breakfast's Sian Williams.