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  1. geoffwp

    The worst things about plymuff

    Their pasties
  2. geoffwp

    Does our team flatter to deceive?

    Serious question as I've started wondering about it recently. Now normally I wouldnt be too bothered. I've supported city since I was a teen, far too long ago to count. I'm well aware of dashed expectations having, like all of us, suffered enough of them in the past. I think its mark of the...
  3. geoffwp

    I love the GAP.

    I do. It's soooo ecfc, and what else could enhance the big bank than a bit of a gap. I'm saddened that it's being maligned so much, indeed I feel it needs a counter thread just to balance things as we all know just how important balance in all things is. Id miss that gap now if it went, id...
  4. geoffwp

    The florets joke at the Edinburgh festival.

    So where do we stand? Olaf tells the joke and wins the best joke at the fringe prize..; "I keep randomly shouting out 'brocolli' and 'cauliflower '. I think I have florets! Now the tourettes society has demanded an apology. Are ANY jokes actually possible anymore without someone demanding an...
  5. geoffwp

    Academy youngsters and match day.

    Walking up to the game around 2.50pm today, a large group of young city academy players past us going in the opposite direction. We jokingly told them they were going the wrong way but it did start us wondering why they wouldn't be at the game. Surely it would be good for them to be in the...
  6. geoffwp

    Matchday thread titles

    Note to whoever starts the next one. Please remember that the precise title is very important and should not be tinkered with. It's now 1pt from 6 for the 'real' and it's performance has not been acceptable. Calling it the MDT just makes is worse judging by today. There's no point in me wearing...
  7. geoffwp

    Football and the WW1 front line.

    A very interesting and hugely poignant article about the use of football by the army and its role in giving soldiers a measure of sanity in the middle of a nightmare of madness.
  8. geoffwp

    Lenny Johnrose

    Ex Blackburn Rovers and Swansea plus a couple more in between. Diagnosed with MND. just read an interview with him. Thought it might be depressing but there was also such an element of open and honest downright bravery that was sad but heart warming that it lifted the story. Being 48 years old...
  9. geoffwp

    Adobe; fireworks, photoshop, flash and dreammaker.

    All programmes my good lady has regularly used for various graphics and animation projects but now has lost. Thanks to a recent windows update that ended badly she couldn't get back into her computer. She ended up having to get someone in to help and the result was a reclaimed laptop but with...
  10. geoffwp

    spare Wembley tickets

    A friend who organises for the East Midlands group just contacted to let me know he has two spare tickets due to work commitments. They are together in block 103, bottom tier closer to halfway line and dugouts with Neil LM and the exciles (retro rock band?). Cost £50.35 each including booking...
  11. geoffwp

    Those left behind.

    Like me, I guess there will be a few who just haven't been able to clear their calendar for the Liverpool game and don't have BT Sport to watch the game at home. Anyone know a decent BT sport pub in town? Does red square have that package? Always rather watch it where other city fans are than in...
  12. geoffwp

    Brian Lomax

    I was told about his death yesterday, then found that Hants had put this link on the obituary thread in the social forum. Thought I would copy it here as well in case it gets missed on that thread, as it has such a huge link to our club and not only in terms of the whole ethos of the trust...
  13. geoffwp

    Exeter Mods and Rockers

    Personally I was a mod. Had a Lambretta GTX with a lot of nice trimmings. We used to hang out down at the clock tower café, making a coffee or coke last as long as possible in between a game on the pin table, before all getting on the scooters for a ride along queen street and down over fore...
  14. geoffwp

    Jo Pavey

    Commonwealth gold medal, European champion. Can't think of anyone else who has brought more honour and pride through sporting achievement to the city of Exeter in recent times. Pretty inspirational story as well. We could do with some guts and determination like that up at the park. IMO she...
  15. geoffwp

    Will we ever sing that song again?

    You know, when city are doing that rare thing and winning easily and passing it around with a freedom we rarely see .....the song starts. 'its just like watching Brazil'. Is it destined to become 'it's just like watching the Krauts'?
  16. geoffwp

    our wonderful manager

    Has saved us again with his master minded tactics and brilliant team selection. I do believe he deserves a good pay rise and a far better contract than he is on as we wouldn't want him poached away from us would we? The elevator is being readied. Step inside for another wonderful ride up the...
  17. geoffwp

    sad day for the gulls and Devon football

    Doesn't give me any pleasure at all to see them go down. I remember that gulls played us in a neighbourly friendly and allowed us to keep all proceeds to help us out. A third of Devon professional league football in one go is not good for local kids. I hope the news doesn't get any worse for...
  18. geoffwp

    The 'FFS don't start talking play offs coz we won a match' thread

    Jeez, when will some people learn? We win at home at last and what do we get? At least three posts, if not more wondering if we can make the pi$$ offs! How to put a hex on the rest of the season for sure. Can those people please take note...we haven't actually survived as a L2 club yet. Can we...
  19. geoffwp

    International happiness day

    Yes. 20th March is officially the United Nations happiness day. So, be of good cheer exeweb. 'Happiness' is the news that Tiz is not about to walk away and leave us in the lurch. 'Happiness' is that he is here for the long haul. 'Happiness' is the excellent youth team he has been developing...
  20. geoffwp

    goodbye to the old comrades

    First Bob Crowe and now Tony Benn. The working classes have lost two heroes just recently. Personally I have always been of the view that trades unions are still as relevant today as they were when they were formed, after all who else is going to protect the working man or woman from the...