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  1. Langer

    ECFC Signed ball.

    Hello everyone I’m clearing some of my Ecfc memorabilia I have a signed by the players football actually signed not printed it’s approximately 12 years old about 16 signatures on it the obvious ones are Perryman,Tis and Adam some of the others have a squad numbers by them so could be worked out...
  2. Langer

    Counter Attack.

    Hiya can you guys fill me in with the new guidelines on the counter attack/break on as I always thought the idea was to get the ball forward quickly and take advantage of the numerical amount of players before the opposition catch up many thanks :-)
  3. Langer

    SJP redevelopment Plan A/B discussion

    If it wasn't for the old secret handshake club it would be a listed building.
  4. Langer

    Chris Eubank Jr

    Live on Channel 5 if there's any interest
  5. Langer

    Deserved credit to top Welsh city players :-)

    1. Christian Roberts(Genius on his day) 2. Chris Todd (Top Defender) 3.Chris Holloway(Shame about the drink drive) 4. Ribs(Better to come?) 5. ???
  6. Langer

    Thoughts of Paul Buckle.

    I would be interested to know what people think of Paul ? I think he done some good work for our club at a differcult time but there's something about me that thinks he a bit of a tit.
  7. Langer

    City and Leeds to go down.

    Mate at work has put £20 on City and Leeds to go down return is £628 :)
  8. Langer

    Referee punched at Devon football match.

    A football referee has been taken to hospitial after being punched by a player during a match in Devon.
  9. Langer

    Question of the Evening.

    If City are safe by the time we play Torquay in a few weeks and Torquay could stay up should we let them win ?
  10. Langer

    Exeweb more active lately?

    What a hive of activity Exeweb has been over the past four of five days is the impending start of the season? or excitement of the friendly games kicking off ? or perhaps a bit of both :)
  11. Langer

    Young Guns

    With a fair few of the younger players expected to be in the first team anyone got any details of there youth record who is the most prolific or one to watch? :)
  12. Langer

    League 2 Relegation Betting Odds :(

    Most Popular Bets. Southend (22/1) Newport County (7/1) Exeter (12/1) Morecambe (5/1) AFC Wimbledon (5/2) Who`s worth a tenner you decide? :)
  13. Langer

    Scott Neville

    Son of Steve the weave right back playing in Australia in the same side as Emile Hesky :)
  14. Langer

    Francis Jeffers.

    I have heard from a trusted source we are having a look at Francis Jeffers still only 31 the prolific marksman still has fire in his belly and a point to prove at this level. Willing to take a wage cut as long as the deal wasnt largely made up of goal bonus.
  15. Langer

    Tyson Fury.

    Fighting on Sat will watch as its on chanel 5 so is free but know he isnt a great fighter only been in with bums and over the hill losers so far Wladimer Klitschko or Vitali Klitschko will ko the bum in seconds.
  16. Langer

    Blow up a pumpkin.

    I am having some fireworks on Sat and as my finale im gona blow up a pumpkin we got left over i was thinking of puting a rocket with the stick snapped off in it passing the fuse out thu a hole that i will drill then taping the lid on can anyone think of a better of blowing one up thanks in...
  17. Langer

    Exeter City football clubs cutbacks.

    Everywhere else is doing it theres 40 non-playing staff listed inside the front cover of the programme some of there job titles look like jobs for the boys imo i not gona name names but i reckon we could get rid of 15/20% of them and it would make no deference to our position in the league. What...
  18. Langer

    Enoch Powell (1912-1998)

    Google him hes right about everything thats happened or is happening now. To think we used to rule the waves this country is a f*cking disgrace. My advise for anyone with a trade is get to Aus before your 48 years old as after that they dont really want you.
  19. Langer

    Spam of the day!!

    I honestly had this in my inbox today. From: Llyods tbs online banking Subject: Llyods tbs online banking departmental notification. I didnt open it but ffs has anyone had a sh*tter con than that?
  20. Langer

    David Haye V Wladimir Klitschko.

    Can`t see him winning this one tbh a step to far imho. Anyone know who`s showing it online. -------