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    Last text message you received....

    Apologies, I thought this thread already existed, but can't find it. Re: Keith Vaz, from my mate Dave, who works at the Home office. "Well Well Well. There will be many a wry smile around Westminster village today"
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    Kellows, Season 13/14 .

    We're back on the airwaves tomorrow (Monday 16th) at 8pm to discuss all things ECFC. Big Pat Baldwin will be a regular part of the team joining Producer Matt, Fullsy and me most weeks. We've also got a new player feature lined up, and in tomorrows show we'll be getting reaction about the start...
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    Kellows, 29th April, Tis talking about the Trust, and Taggy.

    Last nights podcast is now on-line, including the interview with Tis where he talks about how he sees the next phase of Trust ownership panning out, and his rationale behind his "win/win" comment. Taggy also joined us to discuss many things, including where we are with the ground redevelopment...
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    Kellows, 22nd April, JMT, Jamie Curo, Tis, Billy Jones and Mark Yates.

    Penultimate show of the season, and after Saturdays game we caught up with some of the main players. One of this years ECFC success stories, Jordan Moore-Taylor spoke to us about playing in one of the biggest games of the season, and Billy tells us why he put that free kick in the second half...
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    Kellows, 15th April, Jamie Reid, Pat Baldwin and Tis

    all give their take on the events on Saturday. After the game it was good to catch up with Jamie Reid and hear him tell us his recollections of his goal celebration, how he felt when he got the nod at 1.30 pm and which of his 2 strikes was his favourite. He was also quite entertaining when he...
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    Kellows, 8 Apr , Jamie Vittles, Tis, Scott Doe and Wayne Burnett

    We're joined this evening by the man who gives Andy Tillson a run for his money in the tanning stakes, Mr Jamie Vittles. Jamie is the Head of Community at the club, and is another of the unsung chaps who does a sterling job with the City loving youngsters in the area. We've also got feedback...
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    Kellows, 1 April, Guy Branston, John Sheridan, & hopefully positive vews from today.

    Kellows, 1 April, Guy Branston, John Sheridan, & hopefully positive vews from today. We're back in the Radio Exe studio this evening, and will talking about the 2 games in the last 3 days as well as the rest of the League 2 results. After Fridays game, we caught up with one of my favourite...
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    Kellows, 25 March, the Football League fan of the year, and Sean McCarthy...

    It's Devon Derby week, and time to start thinking about the big game at Home Park. We hope to be speaking to a man that's played in his fair share of Derby matches over the years, big Sean McCarthy... i had forgotten that he played for us in that infamous 2-3 in 2001/ well as many...
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    What's going on? Bondy, can you help?

    One of the great Exeweb features, transparancy. The "What's going on " feature is always useful to see who's in with who... Log and Swanny are trading PM's this evening. Swapping clues for the EAC? We, as a trust owned club deserve answers. Another question for Bondy.
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    When was the last time you laughed?

    not a quiet smile inside, but a LoL moment? Couple of times for me today, latest being Mancs facebook link to this..!/evesefc/status/137178160910434305/photo/1/large
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    The FA Cup.

    So many memories.... Graham Allner leading his Alvechurch team around SJP in 1973.. hard to beleive it was 38 years ago... Harry Holman putting us 2-1 up against Wolves, and seeing the KKK on the big bank... and the graffitti about Sammy Chung which stayed for yonks. Rico brilliant against...
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    Dido the seagull.

    Pete's response on another thread highlighted the fact we have a duty to protect Citys history and heritage for future generations. I know very little about DtS.... Was our feathered friend a good luck charm?
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    5 to choose... Retro.

    Dempsey or Makepeace Sweeney or Minder Linda Lusardi or Sam Fox Bodie or Doyle Crossroads or Triangle Usual rules. Go!
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    Will you ever give up playing football?

    Been thinking about this a lot recently. I know some people are able to walk away from the beautiful game, while for others it's in their blood. Played a couple of games recently with some old team mates , one of which was Heavitree and Newton St Cyres Leg-end John Laskey - he can never give...
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    The Drinkers and the Thinkers.

    Been a lot of debate on here, around the club, on Facebook, and around Exeter about the social habits of some of the players. My own view is that players should know what they can, and cannot do with respect to behaving as professional footballers. For 5 years, we've won more than we have...
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    Liverpool - League Cup memories...

    Anyone else at the game at Anfield where we lost 2-0, in the days of the great Liverpool side? Tony Mitchell man marked Dal-gleeeeshhhh out of the game, he went off at half time when it was 0-0... Supersub David Fairclough came on and got 2 goals. I think Ian Pearson had an effort disallowed...
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    This evenings Draw.

    Sorry if it's been covered, but how on earth were we seeded, and why were we given a guaranteed home draw? And was it Sanchez, or Francis who pulled the magic number out?
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    Ipswich looking for a right-sided centre back.

    Ipswich have been to see us a few times lately, and on Saturday Cheggs and I bumped into a scout from the club. I asked him who he was there to watch and he said they are desparate for a right-sided centre half. Let's hope it was Ashton they were impressed by.
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    Big Nick.

    Really impressed with him yesterday. Looked lively, chased everything, and gave us a great "out" ball. I was really hoping he'd get a decent chance as I thought he'd earnt it. Loved the fact he was prepared to run at defenders, and I think the City fans that didn't see him yesterday will love him.
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    Latest filed Gulls Accounts - to Jun 2010

    Interesting to say the least. The Auditor signed them off with this qualification. Emphasis of matter or qualification relating to Scope Limitation. Credit rating is suspended, Current assets of £169,000 Current Liabilities of £760,000 Long term Liabilities gone from 0 to over £1,000,000...