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  1. Joshyd123

    The Ultimate Quiz at SJP tonight

    Morning all, Bit of a long shot. Myself and TOP_CITY_FAN are looking for a teammate or 2 in the Ultimate Quiz up at SJP this evening. Would anyone be amazing enough to answer our calls and bring along another brain to the table? £2 per person. Cheers.
  2. Joshyd123

    Salford City

    Not only have they been spending £2k, £3k, even £4k a week on players in the National League, today they have announced that David Beckham will be taking on a 10% stake in the club, alongside other Class of 92 members, Gary & Phil Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs. Part of me...
  3. Joshyd123

    Exeter City v Forest Green Rovers Matchday Thread

    Reuben Reid & Lloyd James back at the Park. Will we go 11 unbeaten? Will Lee Holmes play 90 minutes? Come on you Reds.
  4. Joshyd123

    Best players in League 2

    Morning ladies and gents. First of all I apologise if this thread would be allowed on WoWS but thought I'd chuck it here to be on the safe side. Anyway let's get into it. I've been asked to put together a piece for FourFourTwo magazine regarding 'my' views on who 'I' think the top 5 players...
  5. Joshyd123

    Exeter City v Barnet Matchday Thread

    It's my birthday so here we go! We have Barnet at home (again), the weather has been dire all day/evening (again) and hopefully we get 3 points. Up the City!
  6. Joshyd123

    Darts World Championships

    Watching all the Darting coverage on ITV4 recently has got me thinking about the World Championships at the end of year/start of 2018. Liking the look of Rob Cross (28s) Mensur Suljovic (25s) and Simon Whitlock (66s) to get quite far in the tournament. Also think The Power will be looking at...
  7. Joshyd123

    Jury Service

    Evening all, I've been given the call up tomorrow for up to 4 weeks and was just wondering if any of you lot have done it and what to expect etc etc. Also, I've seen it's a free for all regarding clothing. Any etiquette I should be following?
  8. Joshyd123

    Walk On Music

    Anyone know what song is now played when the teams leave the tunnel before the start of a match? Been bugging me for a while!
  9. Joshyd123

    Plymouth Argyle v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    You reds! 3 points please.
  10. Joshyd123

    Grimsby Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    3 points please lads.
  11. Joshyd123

    Yeovil Town v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    3 points please.
  12. Joshyd123

    Cheltenham Town v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    3 points please.
  13. Joshyd123

    Carlisle United v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    So, they lost their unbeaten record last week against bottom of the table Newport, so they must be bricking facing 23rd Exeter City with the second best away record in the division. Can only mean 3 ECFC points, a 1-0 win courtesy of another Reuben Reid penalty and Bobby Olejnik back in goal...
  14. Joshyd123


    Just for a laugh really, I'm wondering what your best excuse is for not doing something previously planned or as a way of getting out of doing something that really didn't interest you. GO!
  15. Joshyd123

    Exeter City v Luton Town Official FA Cup Matchday Thread

    We've beaten Brentford and Chelsea kids in cups at SJP this season, let's make it a hat trick and get into round 2. Up the City.
  16. Joshyd123

    Football Manager 2017

    Anyone getting this? Downloaded the game off Steam last night and got the Beta version playing at the mo. Naturally started a career with Exeter to see if we are still ranked as perennial underachievers in League 2, or whether they have finally realised we actually have some decent players so...
  17. Joshyd123

    Morecambe v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread

    3 points on the road again? Morecambe have a home record nearly as bad as ours believe it or not!
  18. Joshyd123

    Fifa 17

    Anyone got this and started playing yet? I have to wait 4 hours for it to download on my PS4 because I wasn't originally going to get it, for the first time since 1999 or something ridiculous, but have jumped on the bandwagon to see what the hype is about. Really dislike how much more expensive...
  19. Joshyd123

    Exeter City v Plymouth Argyle Matchday Thread

    According to the drop down box on the new thread page, I started this game's thread last season... oh what we'd give for another Ollie Watkins worldie!
  20. Joshyd123


    Hamish Marshall and a film crew are outside SJP this afternoon interviewing fans buying tickets about their thoughts on tomorrows game which will be on at 6.30pm this evening. Hopefully I make the cut!