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    Summer Transfer Thread

    And Jamie Coppinger...
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Preference would by Wycombe to win the league 1 playoff, just so we don't have to watch anti-football next season and for Swindon to win the league 2 playoff.
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    The morning after the day before

    At the start of the season I did not think we had the squad to obtain automatic promotion, yesterday was a game which in effect was a non-entity as we had already gained promotion. It would have been good to have won the championship and slightly disappointing that it was in our hands, but...
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Sometimes this is true, but on a number of occasions this form carries over e.g Hull City, Burnley, Southend, Scunthorpe, Oldham et al seem to struggle year on year and either end up just about surviving or getting relegated and this is despite wholesale changes in players. I think FGR will...
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Once is more than enough for me! I beleive that if their current league form continues into next season they will find themselves in a relegation fight.
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    League 1 News 22-23

    Looking forward to away days next season, especially looking at Derby, Ipswich, Portsmouth and Charlton. (y)
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    Defining moments

    The three big moments which I think paved the way for where we are today: 1) The draw against FGR away, showed that we could match them and despite league positions at the time must have given the team belief that they were able to compete with the best in the division. 2) Harrogate at home...
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    We did it together!

    This has most definetly brought goosebumps and tears of joy to me watching this.
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    But even sweeter when your team gets a result playing them at their own game!
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    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    Count me in for next season, just renewed!
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    Four Words

    One out three wasn't too bad:eek:!
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    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    Not the best of games to watch, it appeared the players were nervous but we still got the result. It was amazing to see the little bank and big bank in the last 10 minutes or so being so vocal. Can't wait to see what happens on Saturday as there is no pressure on the team now that promotion has...
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    iFollow, through the City website, is showing that you can purchase a video match pass for Tuesday's game.
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    Exeter City vs Rochdale match day thread

    Added to the 'kick out' when he tackled Oz in the penalty box. He was lucky the ref and lino missed the stamp/kick after Oz had been brought to the ground.
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    Tranmere v Exeter prediction and discussion thread

    I think it will be a tight game with a goal in the second half, 1-0 City. Diabate and Caprice are the most likely changes to be made from Friday's team.
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    Collective 20- Fund Raising

    Just donated, hoping for an amazing display!
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    The Probability Thread 2022

    I’ve thought that since we drew 0-0 with FGR in January but haven’t wanted to shout it from the rooftops!
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    The Probability Thread 2022

    We are going up, the final question is in what position from 1st to 3rd.
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    Things you dont see anymore

    Should this not be on the flounce thread!
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    Exeter City V Colchester Utd Matchday Thread

    I did notice a couple of seats in that block.