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  1. Martin Lawrence

    Former Players

    I expect City will want these youngsters to train with us during the week. That is unlikely if they go to Yeovil who are a full time club.
  2. Martin Lawrence

    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    The new building will be situated right in front of the old pavilion I think.
  3. Martin Lawrence

    League 1 News 22-23

    Peterborough probably won't, but it has been a long time since we played Barnsley, so could see a few Barnsley fans making the effort to head down to Devon's fine capital.
  4. Martin Lawrence

    Summer Transfer Thread

    Lets hope you don't get excited about any of our future recruits then :).
  5. Martin Lawrence

    Retained List

    It's also worth noting that developing young players is not an exact science. Much of it is down to luck, in terms of the player developing at the right pace at the right time and an opportunity becoming available. Another point to make is that developing young players requires an holistic...
  6. Martin Lawrence

    Pre-season friendlies 22/23

    Most Premier League teams aren't interested in these friendlies anymore. If you can get one to play you, it will be a "representative XI" that usually consists of U23 players with a handful of reserve players. They also tend to want about 50% of the gate revenue (not profits). I remember when...
  7. Martin Lawrence

    Padraig Amond in on a season loan

    Ajose was most definitely coaching at the Devon Bowl game. I wonder if he is eligible to apply for the U18 Lead Coach role recently advertised by the club.
  8. Martin Lawrence

    Summer Transfer Thread

    Was coaching the U18s at the Devon Bowl final. Perhaps he's a replacement for the departing Chad Gribble.
  9. Martin Lawrence

    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    Oz was definitely there. He bled his air horn dry 😀
  10. Martin Lawrence

    League 1 News 22-23

    A tribunal fee wont be a lot given he has not been there that long. £200k I would imagine, with the usual add-ons.
  11. Martin Lawrence

    Statistics and Club History

    But if we didn't miss all those penalties, we would have won the league, Pete.
  12. Martin Lawrence

    The morning after the day before

    Indeed. If the only complaint we have this season is NOT winning the title, then all is well!
  13. Martin Lawrence

    Online Viewing For Tomorrow

    A lot of the free VPN services are a bit flakey but you may get lucky.
  14. Martin Lawrence

    Squad Upgrade - League 1

    I heard it was one of his boots!
  15. Martin Lawrence

    Cheick Diabate

    Given it's Ramadan, he has done remarkably well to get himself physically selectable.
  16. Martin Lawrence

    Exeter City vs Barrow Matchday Thread

    I'm getting this printed and framed for my living room. Love it Mike 😀
  17. Martin Lawrence

    St James Road End home standing

    There are some problems with the card readers that are in use at the club and the poor 3/4G signal means they don't work particularly well. The solution is to wire in network connections to the huts from the main office, but that will need to be done over the summer due to the work involved.
  18. Martin Lawrence

    The Auto(s) Charge

    The way they have been playing recently, that may be a positive
  19. Martin Lawrence

    Exeter City V Colchester Utd Matchday Thread

    Sweenz didn't play in that game. Diabate took his place due to illness.
  20. Martin Lawrence

    Exeter City V Colchester Utd Matchday Thread

    I know 3 who had tickets but went yo the beach instead.