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  1. Pete Martin (CTID)

    ECFC Academy graduate current XI

    Here you go
  2. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    A quick search on the club website indicates that, on 15 July last year, 1,663 had been sold for the 21/22 season. On 30 July 2020, the figure for the 20/21 season was 1,150 ( I suspect there was much reluctance as it was the first year of covid) An item posted on 24th August 2018 indicates...
  3. Pete Martin (CTID)

    T.V. adverts you can't stand

    Cinch, Cazoo and Motorway. All three.
  4. Pete Martin (CTID)

    League 2 news 2021/22

    Sounds like plenty of trouble at Vale Park post match (if Talksport's commentary is to be believed). So unnecessary.
  5. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    No, no, a thousand times no. If it doesn't happen now it never will. The company now being employed has done similar work for both Bournemouth and Wolves. I would imagine they, like us, would have investigated the viability of the company and their ability to see projects through to...
  6. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    Perhaps we have. I would venture to suggest however that doing nothing, or waiting in the hope of a better outcome, might ultimately result in an even bigger financial loss.
  7. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    Having been invloved obo the Trust in a number of meetings during the planning, contract letting and execution of the construction of the Stansfield Stand, a project which, several times, was in danger of not coming to fruition, I am personally happy to let those involved in the negotations this...
  8. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Summer Transfer Thread

    Yet he averaged around 10 goals a season over a 10 year period. Not that bad either.
  9. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Retained List

    And I seem to remember a number of comments on Exeweb a few years ago......"he'll never make it"....."he's too small to make it in the professional game", etc. etc.
  10. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Team for the opening day of the new League One season

    Possibly, but I think it more likely that we will see a new No.9 being brought in.
  11. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Team for the opening day of the new League One season

    Is our number 10 really just a Nomber?? :unsure:
  12. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Padraig Amond in on a season loan

    Where is Ajose now? No mention of him in ages. If he has left now, is anyone else filling that role? I could see Podge doing a pretty decent job as a coach. Great personality + lots of experience. He could also be a standby striker on the bench for a further year or two. Perhaps?
  13. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Just floating a thought.....

    Exactly that. Any funds raised would only be used to perhaps bolster the chance of signing a player (any player wanted by Matt) that, otherwise, may not be possible. If not sufficient raised for that purpose, to buy, or help towards, items/equipment needed for the playing side of the club.
  14. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Just floating a thought.....

    I hadn't really intended this thread to become about what the Trust does, or does not, do and was suggesting that any initiative be independent of the Trust, but hey-ho. Apart from anything else, even after almost 20 years, not every supporter is a Trust member. Having made that point, I...
  15. Pete Martin (CTID)

    A parade

    And we could perhaps play the end of the 1812 Overture over the tannoy as an accompaniment?? :unsure:
  16. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Just floating a thought.....

    Hasn't the 1931 fund been primarily to help bring in a younger, promising but unproven, player and pay his wages (or part thereof)? I am thinking more of giving Matt a 'leg up' to maybe bring in an established player that perhaps the normal budget funding would otherwise have precluded.
  17. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Just floating a thought.....

    Happy to be shot down, but there has been some discussion on social media about setting up a supporter crowdfunding campaign (not Trust based) to throw some money into the pot towards player recruitment. Probably not sufficient to retain Cam's services (not that he will even be available), but...
  18. Pete Martin (CTID)

    League 1 News 22-23

    I have a strange sense of satisfaction in, having seen MKD demolish the Gargs at home, they (the Gargs) must be well peed off to think that they went through that humilation, only for their conquerors to fall at the very next hurdle.
  19. Pete Martin (CTID)

    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    Exactly so! And Tim Dieng had seen two successive relegations before he came to us. I think you could say, quite fairly, that he has enjoyed some success with us?