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    Losers – Torquay United

    Has anyone else been watching the Losers series on Netflix? Tonight, I caught the episode featuring Torquay United's dramatic final day fixture in the 1986/87 season, when Bryn the German shepherd saved the day by sinking his teeth into poor Jim McNichol's thigh. The episode features...
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    Nfl 2018

    In years past, there used to be an NFL thread for each campaign, so I thought I'd start one as this season begins to take shape. After five games, most teams seem to be evenly matched. Usually we see a number of "basket case" teams that are already out of contention by this stage, but even the...
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    Posh vs. MK

    Dons' keeper didn't cover himself in glory with that free-kick. 1-0 'boro.
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    Question of the day

    How is 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.' a grammatically correct sentence? Please show your working.
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    Internships in and around Bristol

    I know that quite a lot of Exewebbers are based in Bristol, therefore wondered if anyone would be able to help me out. A friend of mine here in Germany would like to do a 6 month work placement in Bristol. Preferably she would like to work with the disabled, children or the elderly. If anyone on...
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    E-Mail Virus

    It seems that my Hotmail account has picked up a virus, in that it sends junk E-mail to all of my contacts. I think I may have picked up this virus from clicking on one of these E-mails from another contac who I guess has the same the virus (the subject was simply Re: ). Any computer techies...
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    Bizzare coaching style

    Came across this video from 10 years ago whilst trawling through 90s footage of City:
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    Grecian PLOLayer

    Well what a waste of £2.99 a month that is!
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    Shock! Horror!

    I thought the referee had a good game today! & it was never a straight red when Stans got brought down towards the end; the perpetrator was not the last defender. Good decision.
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    Becks to buy Orient?,,12555~1538375,00.html Can't see it myself!
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    Best thing(s) you've found on the street

    Last Saturday I found a wallet and passport next to the rubbish bags by Hole in the Wall. Both articles happened to belong to my friend who had lost them the previous week! What is the best thing you've found on the street?
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    Worst album purchased

    I apologise beforehand for if this has been done in the past on here. What is the worst album you have ever bought?