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  1. ChrisWickens

    Betting firms and sponsorship

    Am I correct in thinking that we will not accept sponsorship deals from gambling firms - except those foisted upon us by the EFL and TV companies? Reason I ask is that FGR have proposed a ban of betting firms!
  2. ChrisWickens

    Joel off to Celtic?

    Just spotted this, hope it is fake news!!
  3. ChrisWickens

    Ticket going for Wembley!

    I've got a spare ticket for today in Block 118, one of the party is unwell. if anyone wants it at face value let me know on 07957 861 159. Collection in the Fan Zone at about 1:00pm UTC
  4. ChrisWickens

    So, what happens next if...........

    Sorry to add another thread about the major issue concerning Exeweb but if Tis does walk, potentially with Tagg and Perryman, what happens next? Who would be able to take over the reins and install some confidence within the footballing side, the Club and the supporters? The minimum requirement...
  5. ChrisWickens

    Finance Director responsibilities

    Without having any inside knowledge of the workings of the Club Board the recent problems appear to stem, primarily, from fairly basic cashflow problems. That has seen the departure of three individuals (two who were Board members). There are lengthy posts on each of those departures but I am...