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  1. ChrisWickens

    Owura Edwards in on loan from Bristol City Well, thats a strange one!!
  2. ChrisWickens

    Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Match Day Thread

    This is bizarre, I have got the home commentary on my desktop but away on tablet and mobile! and I am using the same log in details
  3. ChrisWickens

    Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Match Day Thread

    This is 2 weeks running we have to listen to the away commentary - dreadful!! That is on ifollow by the way
  4. ChrisWickens

    Investment Proposal - Trust ballot

    I have already received my ballot paper and voted!! Bodes well for the future.
  5. ChrisWickens

    League 2 News

    If anyone suggests that ECFC would be better off with a "sugar-daddy" i will point them in the direction of this article plus Macclesfield, Bury, Swindon Russell and Lewis etc!
  6. ChrisWickens

    I need a little help Grecians!

    Done and the best of luck! UTC!
  7. ChrisWickens

    League 2 News

    Blimey - he really has got the 'ump!!
  8. ChrisWickens

    League 2 News

    And these are the reasons why Swindon are under the embargo - Regulation 16.2 - Failure to provide audited annual accounts Regulation 16.3 - Annual accounts not filed with Companies House Regulation 17 - Defaults in payments to HMRC Article 48 - Non-payment to Football Creditors Rule 10.1 of...
  9. ChrisWickens

    Welcome Sam Stubbs

    With all the talk on other threads about departures i am sure we can look forward to a great season from Mr Stubbs.
  10. ChrisWickens

    Harry Lee and Sonny Cox - sign professional contracts

    That sums up the situation perfectly but until decent compensation is made we will continuously gripe about this.
  11. ChrisWickens

    League 2 News

    Not strictly League Two but this news from Bury could mean no return to Gigg Lane for the Club or a phoenix one. Sad.
  12. ChrisWickens

    Betting firms and sponsorship

    Am I correct in thinking that we will not accept sponsorship deals from gambling firms - except those foisted upon us by the EFL and TV companies? Reason I ask is that FGR have proposed a ban of betting firms!
  13. ChrisWickens

    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    I voted yes, but I hope there is decent return on the investment and I am a bit cagey about one at £100k though!
  14. ChrisWickens

    Hiram Boateng - Yes or No?

    That is a NO from me; injury-prone and inconsistent. Mind you he would look good in the National League!
  15. ChrisWickens

    April 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    02/04 A Port Vale 2-2 D 05/04 H Mansfield 2-1 W 10/04 A Cambridge United 1-0 L 13/04 A Barrow 1-1 D 17/04 H Southend 3-0 W 20/04 A Forest Green Rovers 2-0 L 24/04 H Newport 1-1 D 27/04 H Grimsby 2-0 W 12 points but certainly need more!!
  16. ChrisWickens

    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager to Col Utd now Stevenage

    Brizzle Rovers about to get Joey Barton as their new manager - from one extreme to the other!!
  17. ChrisWickens

    Newport County vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Any pitch inspection required?
  18. ChrisWickens


    ""Why is it Nicky's prerogative not to train?"" Exactly my thought. Did he stipulate that before joining us? If he cannot do ANY training because of the astroturf characteristics I can't see how he could then play on most of the surfaces around League 2 in the winter. My conclusion - an utter...
  19. ChrisWickens

    Barrow v Exeter Matchday Thread (take 2) - GAME OFF

    I think I will wait until the last minute to get my ifollow pass!
  20. ChrisWickens

    Barrow v Exeter Matchday Thread (take 2) - GAME OFF

    I watched the Bradford game on the computer and thought it was very sharp, and I do enjoy the replays. As for another postponement I wouldn't be surprised, saw their highlights on Quest from Saturday and it looked as they had been ploughing up the area to the right of the camera