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    Ollie Watkins

    That extra midfielder was the position that most needed filling, they look much better balanced with the current shape. The formation was my biggest gripe with Smith.
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    Ollie Watkins

    As A fellow Brumie I was sad to see Deano get the tin tack, but I think there was a danger of them being sucked into the relegation mire the way they were going. They were often too open and vulnerable to the counter attack, a club like Villa need a presence in charge and in SG they have it. No...
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    Port Vale : December 18th

    Short trip for me, but after another disappointing day today I fear the worst.
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    Exeter City v Tranmere Rovers Official Matchday Thread

    Bitterly disappointing result given that Swindon and Vale also lost. Going to Vale next week with my heart in mouth now
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    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager to Col Utd now Stevenage

    I'd be genuinely surprised if he ends this season as Stevenage manager!
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    Rochdale away Saturday 27 November

    Funny, but there never seems to be any cheap deals on Manchester trains from other parts of the country. I feel for you lot down there with these journeys. Not so bad for me from Derbyshire but that walk to and from Rochdale station is a bummer!
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    FA Cup 2021/22

    Yes, it's pointless counting chickens until they have all come home to roost!
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    Four Words

    I'll take the fifth
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    Next Season's Home Shirt - Supporters Choice

    It seems that Bedale Town have no shame, not content with the sausage kit they have now gone see through! (All in a good cause of course)
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    Bradford City away in the FA Cup - Sat 6 Nov 3pm

    I Lost interest in football a while ago (found other distractions) and only got my mojo back this year. Been a long time since Iv'e visited the fair city, an expensive trip these days. I tend to stick to the Northern or Midlands games nowadays
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    Bradford City away in the FA Cup - Sat 6 Nov 3pm

    Not Chesterfield as I was hoping and a tough one for most of you, but an easy one for me. £13.55 day return with my old farts card and a quick change at Leeds- No brainer that I will be going.
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    Hartlepool - 25th September

    Looking forward to my visit tomorrow, expecting a tight game. A point will do me as long as the sun is shining!
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    Hartlepool - 25th September

    Alternatively you can stroll round the marina in Hartlepool on a sunny day:LOL: and imagine you are abroad. Sadly you will be wearing your anorak as the wind blowing off the North sea cuts right through you.
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    Hartlepool - 25th September

    Picked up a nice train package from Chesterfield for 27 quid with my railcard- so a no brainer for me!
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    Club Customer Service

    Same here, I too have had similar issues when trying to order online tickets. I tried ordering a ticket for the Harrogate game but the system would not pass my card after I clicked pay. Same thing happened again when I tried to buy a Scunthorpe ticket Friday. It seems that there may be an issue...
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    Harrogate away - Saturday 28 August

    Will be my first port of call!
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    Pub players

    Good advice. Not being from Exeter I never got to hear much of what went on behind the scenes during those dark days. But I was already aware of Roy after seeing him make his debut for Walsall against Posh. Even then there were sign of his attitude, he dished out some serious stick but could...
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    Pub players

    Forgot about that book, just ordered a used copy from Amazon @ 0.82p- Can't wait to read it, took a chance and didn't order the hazard suit though!
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    Leyton Orient v Exeter City Matchday thread 14/08/2021 3pm KO

    I always feel like we have gone down to 10 men without anybody noticing
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    Leyton Orient v Exeter City Matchday thread 14/08/2021 3pm KO

    I don't have much myself but I like to keep it tidy!