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  1. Southampton Gull

    Sort it out Mods

    Surely this is all the City players that have yet to score this season? Why hasn't the thread been moved?
  2. Southampton Gull


    Hardly a Banter thread I know but having been in conversation with G2K I'd like to apologise for a few recent posts which for some strange reason seem to have resulted in him being warned about his conduct. I'd like to make it clear that I've never found any of his posts in any way offensive and...
  3. Southampton Gull

    Hahahahahhahahaha !!! Since when?
  4. Southampton Gull

    Buckle Relieved Of His Duties

    LMFAO !! Fully deserved, 2012 has started wonderfully :D
  5. Southampton Gull

    One for Ian

    Just in case Ian and his corporate chums want to know where we are <<GIGGLE>>
  6. Southampton Gull

    So................ (2)

    Stevenage can put a hatful past them and yet your pile of sh!t draw a blank? You're embarrassing the rest of Devon. We'll show you how a proper derby game is played on monday :D
  7. Southampton Gull


    ...was it Delboy or Rodders? Uncle Albert maybe?>
  8. Southampton Gull


    ........... another short FA Cup run for your shower of sh1t <<GUFFAWWWWWWWW>>
  9. Southampton Gull

    At Least You Scored..............

    .......even if it was a penalty. Now all you have to do is score more than you concede ;) Are you really that sh!t this season? TUFC = The True Entertainers & Pride of the Westcountry [H]
  10. Southampton Gull

    Charity Event

    Some of you guys will remember me relaying the news of the tragic death of a friend of mine, Wayne Hodder. He played for Dotnet against the Exeweb team in the Chris Todd Charity game. There's an event coming up at Goals in Southampton and I was wondering if you lads could put together a side to...
  11. Southampton Gull

    Shaun Taylor

    I don't know too much about him to be honest. Looks like he's our new Assistant-Manager. Discuss.
  12. Southampton Gull

    Torquay Till I Die

    Reporting in to take the deserved sledging. We didn't turn up and got what we deserved.....F*ck All. Do your worst Greeks ;)
  13. Southampton Gull

    GGG Meeting 15/12/10 (Wednesday)

    Ian will be here in Southampton on the 15th. Usual time and place. Hope to see all the usual suspects there ;)
  14. Southampton Gull

    Flapper Jones

    I finally caught up with the FLS highlights this morning and nearly choked on my cornflakes when I saw the third Brentford goal. Totally hilarious, Jones tries to dive on a ball, problem was, it wasn't where he dived, funniest gaffe I've ever seen, he really is a clown. Loved some of the...
  15. Southampton Gull

    Walsall <snigger>

    :D:D:D Losing to the bottom team and yet another sending off, team of cloggers or what? Discuss.
  16. Southampton Gull


    Wtf happened to your 1000's of supporters who make those away trips? Did the Chiefs have a game? <snigger>
  17. Southampton Gull

    Flapper Going?

    No not our Ian, your Jonah is off to Peterborough, apparently.
  18. Southampton Gull


    Well, you did it, well done to you all and your Club. I know how tough it is to stay in that League, having watched one of our best sides in recent memory fail to do so, so all banter aside, a big Well Done from me. I'm happy for all the City fans I call friends, Rachel, Mike, Looby, Ian...
  19. Southampton Gull

    Calamity Jones At It Again?

    HAW HAW HAW !!! Why do you persist with that idiot? He was sh!te two seasons ago and still looks sh!te. He makes Rice look competent :D <snigger> PS. Empty seats in the small away section, surely you lot would have filled your allocation with your massive away support?
  20. Southampton Gull

    Oh Dear

    Are things really that bad at St Aimless? We have an excellent drummer, lots of Clubs we play are very impressed with the atmosphere we create at away games. :D