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  1. Shortround

    Lurch! what a numpty!

    Claiming to be a T.C.E hoolie! dumb arse put a picture of himself in the avatar!
  2. Shortround

    City calendar

    Is there any news when the new calendar is coming out? is it already out and ive just missed it advertised?
  3. Shortround

    Spare seat to Leeds

    We've got a spare seat in the car to leeds if anyone is interested, leaving exeter at about 7:30am ish!
  4. Shortround

    Spurs tickets

    I'm confused, do season ticket holders need to get a ticket in advance?
  5. Shortround

    Lincoln city prediction thread

    I'll start this one Lincoln 1-2 City goals from fleetwood & logan 631 traveling city fans
  6. Shortround

    City on Sky

    Heard last night that our game against Wycombe is to be shown live on sky! does anyone know if this is definate?
  7. Shortround

    Minibus to Rotherham

    Heathy is thinking of putting on a minibus to Rotherham for our last game of the season, should cost about £15 each if its full! We had a great laugh when we went to darlo at the start of the season on the minibus so just want to see if anyones interested in doing it again!
  8. Shortround

    ECFC Programme binders

    Ive got 2 ecfc programme binders that i have never used, each one holds about 8 programmes, £5 each There £8.95 from the shop If anyone is interested pm me
  9. Shortround

    Another Argyle player charged!

    Plymouth argyle player Shane white has been charged with drink driving! what is it with argyles players are they really that stupid! you would of thought after whats happened the player would have some sense!
  10. Shortround

    Macclesfield re-arranged

    Now takes place on feb 10th ko 7.45pm its on the offical site
  11. Shortround

    The attitude in the club shop today

    I must say how disappointed i was with the attitude of kelly ingleson in the club shop today. Heathy & i went in there at 2pm after finding out the game was off to have a look round & was told that they would be closing soon, did'nt really take much notice & started looking round when a guy with...
  12. Shortround

    Frozen pitches

    This really annoyed me today! i have to leave home at 11am on a saturday to get to the game and the next bus home is'nt till 4:45, so lots of hanging around today, i know this is a problem for a lots of other fans to. So when it was announced in the st james centre that the game was off due to a...
  13. Shortround

    Matt Taylor

    Bumped into him in the co-op this morning so said hi and asked how he was & when would he be back playing, to my disappointment he said 3 to 4 weeks!!! he is p*ssed off the injury is taking so long to clear up!
  14. Shortround

    Happy birthday Heathy

    Many happy returns heathy!!! have a good day mate