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  1. Lister

    Any spaces going to Charlton?

    If so, 2 people from Exeter are looking for a lift. If you can help please contact Neil LeM, or PM for contact details. Apparently they have tickets but are unable to get on the coach, presumably because it is full?
  2. Lister

    Work party - 10th September

    Can you spare a few hours on Saturday 10th of September at 10am? I'm organising the Trust election this year, and I need around 15 people to help out stuffing envelopes at the Park on Saturday 10th September. We'll be working in teams of 3 (so if you want to get into teams of 3 that's great)...
  3. Lister

    What's my priority number?

    Here we go again ;-)
  4. Lister

    Shhhh, while the mods aren't watching ...

    Just in case you are in the Trust but didn’t receive this. Looks like it will make Nigel’s job a tad easier! I have just rung my bank and it was a very simple request. ---------------------------------------- Dear Trust Member………. Since taking up the post of Trust Membership Secretary, I...
  5. Lister

    Hamer says sorry!

    For winding the fans up at that game against Brentford, and he hopes we'll all forgive him now he's a Grecian. Hear Ben talk about his arrival at SJP in tonights Red and White Lite
  6. Lister

    Ryan Harley prediction thread

    Stay? Go? If so where? I predict he'll stay and walk away from City in the summer. (I'll be especially interested in Informer66s prediction ;) )
  7. Lister

    January in Tisdale's words

    I'm picking this out from the Norrie thread. I always think it's best to hear someone say something to get its true meaning. The comments in today's Echo can be heard in Red and White, available to listen for free here. There's a great comment about why he needs to keep his phone on in January :)
  8. Lister

    We should really help our friends down the road out ...

    ... and take Noone off their wage bill in January. I think he'd add to our squad and could help us push on.
  9. Lister

    Red & White Lite

    Now available for your listening pleasure. Hear how Matty is coming along, and how new Trust membership co-ordinator is getting everything ship shape.
  10. Lister

    Duffy signs for Hibs ...

    ... according to Hants Red, confirmed here
  11. Lister

    All things keeper related

    Matt Armstrong-Ford started tonight's reserve game, and wore a shirt with his name and 44 on it. I don't think a shirt would be made up if there wasn't some sort of deal going on. Also, with Jonesy needing an op (and Andy suffering from a dodgy knee) we have signed a spurs goalie on loan for a...
  12. Lister

    Season ticket stickers on seats...

    I'm hoping the person who complained that his season ticket sticker was not in place on Tuesday reads Exeweb. Apparently, according to the customer, it's not good enough. Whining basterd! Anyway, today, two days before the start of the season, as usual, I did my annual season ticket sticker...
  13. Lister

    Work party this Wednesday

    If anyone has a few hours spare and would like to help out on Wednesday then please meet me at 9.30 outside the shop. If you think you are coming can you let me know. The OG has a shiny new set of seat numbers that need applying :)
  14. Lister

    The "real" new shirt...

    I see from Chegger's pic of the photocall day that the players are wearing the real new shirt. Looks good, i'd buy one of those...
  15. Lister

    The demand outstrips allocation debate

    This should be a giggle... In another thread Tony mentioned the following scenario. I believe we have around 3000 priority people so I can see the following options (all assume 1 ticket per person): - a) Queue up at SJP, first come first served. b) TZ handle, only sales first come first...
  16. Lister

    Priority Numbers

    Your priority number should be kept safe and secret to you, you should regard it as a password. If your PN is made public then someone can easily go to TZ and login as you and possibly take your allocation to a game before you do!
  17. Lister

    Scot(t) Bennett

    played in midfield, just behind Logie, when he came on in the second half. What was all that about?
  18. Lister

    The new Red Square

    I was at the club earlier today, and work on the new Red Square is coming along at quite a pace. It's gonna be a nice place to be on a sunny match day :)
  19. Lister

    Leeds attendance

    With Leeds getting crowds of 25 to 30k, could this be the biggest league crowd we've ever played in front of?
  20. Lister

    Latest Gilly news thread ...

    ... is there any?