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    When was the last time?

    That City faced a team led by a former City manager? It will happen on Saturday. As far as I can work out, the previous time was after Terry Cooper left in 1991 and we must have played Birmingham the following season. Few City managers go on to better things, let alone another job at the same...
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    In the future they are going to replace us all in our jobs. But what about if this happened at City? Who would be the first to be replaced? Could 'Tis be replaced by a random team selection generator? Has Lloyd James already been programmed to put every corner he takes in the same place...
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    Epitaphs for City players

    Hard-tackling Ryan Harley
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    Has anyone seen...

    ... the Ian Sideman dossier? Am I on the wrong website?
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    Question of the day...

    What is the point of John Inverdale?
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    Question of the Day #5(facepalm)

    Good morning. Everyone knows that you can't take over a certain amount of liquid onto a plane. If you didn't know that, now you do. Anyway, what would happen if you froze the liquid? Would it get through the customs check? I'm am not intent on testing this, just wondering if any Exewebber can...
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    Popular wisdom says you are more likely to cut yourself with a new blade than an old one. I am perfectly capable at cutting myself with an electric razor, probably, if I tried, but I always get more nicks from a sharp blade. So is there a scientific reason why you are more likely to cut yourself...
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    The LOG explains his resignation thread

    This thread does what it says on the tin. ** Waits for Lionel to post **
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    So who do wemiss the most?

    Your choices are (from last year's squad): Jamie Cureton Matt Taylor Ryan Harley Paul Jones If you like, you can even give your reasons. There seems little point in including Marcus Stewart, although wemissstewart may vote for him, if he is still posting.
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    2011 - what have you learned?

    Part of a hat stuck to a head is a fascinator. A whole hat is still a hat. Fascinating.
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    The Exeweb Annual Awards 2011

    Seeing as its the season for questionnaires, here is an Exeweb one. To force you to think a bit before posting, only votes cast in December 2011 will count. I will tot up at the end of the year. If you can't be bothered to put numbers in front of your answers, I won't be bothered to count them...
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    The Pre-Advents Calendar Advent Count Down

    Yes, its only 8 days to go and we still don't know who is setting this year's questions, IIRC. I love a countdown, me.
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    To make Saturday complete...

    ... yes, PeteUSA, you can still slag off Artur even though he kept a clean sheet. I am not sure that I will be able to sleep tonight without somebody slagging off the City keeper on Exeweb. Its become part of my Saturday evening routine. Don't let me down, now.
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    Ballearic Magic

    Every team needs some of this, but we are the only club with a Senor G. Bauza on the books. So how does he fit into the team, now that Noble is playing behind the front two and Jake Taylor is holding down a striking role (when not filling in as a full back)? Is our Majorcan wizard going to be...
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    How do we want Bucks to do at the Gas?

    Is there any good will towards him on Exeweb? Its been an up and down season so far at Bristol Rovers and IMO it could go either way over the next 6 months. He seems intent on driving out their former caretaker manager at the moment. Never a dull moment.
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    Have Grecian Lez and Liz the Grecian ever met?
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    Tisdale in the frame for Pompey?

    Just to save everyone else the trouble of starting a thread... Feel free not to contribute.
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    So what is the verdict on the new system? I thought that, although it obviously didn't work very well yesterday, it gave us width further up the pitch which we have been missing. It might even suit the players at Tis's disposal, at least until Wichelow and Vine leave again...
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    Multi Reviled

    Who is your least favourite multi?
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    Where should Noble play?

    In front of the back four or just behind the strikers? For my money, he should continue in the Matt Gill holding role. Other opinions are available.