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  1. Grecian Piglet

    Exeter City v Bradford City FA Cup 1st Round Replay Match Day Thread

    Did Bromley use 7 subs at Rotherham in the first round?
  2. Grecian Piglet

    Kabongo Tshimanga

    Been mentioned on here a lot. Signed for Chesterfield
  3. Grecian Piglet

    Exeter City v Barrow AFC Match Day Thread

    First signing please...and make him captain
  4. Grecian Piglet

    Silver lining

    Wow fantastic...rather be going to Sheff Weds and possibly Derby, Sunderland Ipswich
  5. Grecian Piglet

    Cambridge Utd V Exeter City : Discussion Thread.

    I think Matt Taylor should rest himself for this one and let someone else have a go.
  6. Grecian Piglet

    Port Vale v Exeter discussion thread

    Lego, as a matter of interest, did you have your jab at the old wickes depot in Mansfield like me?.....the scab jab?
  7. Grecian Piglet

    Matt Taylor - 2 Years As ECFC Manager...

    We are always going to be in a transitional season...this team was good enough for top 3
  8. Grecian Piglet

    Exeter City v Leyton Orient official match day thread

    When I lost the Home commentary I switched to the away and stuck with them, they were excellent and full of praise for us especially Randall
  9. Grecian Piglet

    Oldham Athletic vs Exeter City discussion thread (game off)

    If you thought Grimsby was cold you want to think yourself lucky that you can't go, its the coldest place on planet earth
  10. Grecian Piglet

    A crossroads....

    I agree it is a transitional season, but its what we are transitioning into that worries me
  11. Grecian Piglet

    Team for Wembley?

    Also Pete, You can also add Salford and Grimsby away to the list
  12. Grecian Piglet

    Mansfield away - Easter Monday

    You (& me) will not be home by 20 past 5, as I've said before this is the game we will clinch promotion, and we will still be at the ground celebrating.
  13. Grecian Piglet

    Automatic Promotion

    Automatic promotion will be secured at Mansfield on Easter Monday and I will only have to travel 15 miles to see it 😁
  14. Grecian Piglet

    EFL Trophy 2019/20

    If Portsmouth dont make it to the final, it will probably be the lowest ever attendance for the final looking at the other teams left. Couldn't see us taking too many either if we make it.
  15. Grecian Piglet

    Which Goalkeeps do you want to see between the sticks at SJP ?

    Yes sadly I agree, think we will have to just be happy stuck in this division forever, safe from the drop and flirting with playoffs/promotion.
  16. Grecian Piglet

    Which Goalkeeps do you want to see between the sticks at SJP ?

    would love us to splash some cash and get the lad from Grimsby. I saw him twice last season and was very impressed, and this didn't include the game at St James' Park.
  17. Grecian Piglet

    Exeter City A.F.C. V's Oldham Athletic A.F.C .D2 27/04/19 Official Match Day Thread.

    You wait all season for the perfect MDT and here it is, well done RHK. Can't wait departing shortly on the train from Chesterfield.