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    A trip to the Orient - Sat 14th August

    My mate just said he can’t go now due to work issues . Got a train ticket ( e- ticket ) to Waterloo from cranbrook 7.38am and back on the 19.20 . I can send this to you so you have it on your own phone … Also a match ticket if anyone want it . Seems stupid to go to waste . Pay for the tube on...
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    Argyle Away - Saturday 21 March

    What is the train of choice for the ones who are going down by that way ? Was thinking maybe a few beers at impy then get on the one around 5.46..
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    Argyle Away - Saturday 21 March

    What time train is everyone planning on getting ?
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    Plym**th away tickets

    1300 sold as of last night
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    Tisdale must go ...

    Re: Tisdale must go Boycott next Tuesday game against Pompey if you are unhappy with Tisdale at the helm . Action speaks louder then words and might actually make the board take note . More of us that do it the better . If Tis was to walk in the meanwhile then the boycott would be called off ...
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    7000 tickets sold!

    7,500 tickets sold now :-)
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    Argyle at SJP 21 February 2015

    Are you sure , 1800 tickets approx left remaining then that would make total sells around 7,000 mark !
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    Argyle at SJP 21 February 2015

    It's one big secret !! Scummers have sold out now !
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    Next home game V Mansfield - Attendance prediction thread.....

    I kid you not . I was at the Dawlish Air show last week as took my kids for something different . I saw at least 5 people in Dawlish with ECFC shirts on ! A few I saw was after 3.00pm. Make of that what you want :-) Ill be at SJP this coming Saturday tho .
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    Scum away tickets!

    Try ringing mate . Might be a better option and quicker
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    Scum away tickets!

    About 900 sold I'm hearing from someone who got there ticket today .. So hopefully should be over 1,000 going . Not great tho is it !!
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    Scum away tickets!

    Still no-one knows how many we have sold yet then , I'm guessing it's less then 1,000 as no mention of Plymouth given us more tickets coz we sold the first batch ��
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    Plimuff 16 Aug

    What time train is everyone going to get ?
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    Admission Prices for 2014/15

    Went online yesterday got some tickets. Paid slightly less then I did if I was POTG last year . To me I have no issue getting match tickets in advance . Suits me to do it that way .
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    Exeweb Fantasy Football League?

    Well join this league now ..2 weeks to late mind. A lot of catching up to do . Top of Grecian Talk at the mo tho ;-)
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    Redevelopment of SJP - a contrast with Northampton

    The council couldn't give a Toss about ECFC ! Never have never will .
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    Rotherham United vs Exeter City Official matchday thread

    A nice big banner should do it !
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    Argyle away.

    Likewise for us to :-)
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    Argyle away.

    Can't see it being much different this time :-) heard Bristol Rovers were treated the same . Marched to the pub so all together then marched to the stadium . That was this season and as we are Argyles biggest rivalry can't see it being any different if I'm honest .
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    Argyle away.

    Haha , now that's true . Well why don't we just make sure we all catch same train . Safety in numbers ain't it ? Like casual boy says . As soon as they hear 100-150 lads are on one train, the police will soon turn up, as they won't want a repeat of last time will they ? mind you the trip back to...