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  1. MJP_Exeter

    Ordering tickets for the Plymouth match

    The ticket site is down for some reason. Wondering if anyone else having similar issues with it this morning.
  2. MJP_Exeter

    Fa cup tv rights 2021-25 Fa cup goes completely free to air from 2021.
  3. MJP_Exeter

    Efl TV highlights deal
  4. MJP_Exeter

    Efl TV rights out to tender

    news/2017/june/efl-domestic-boradcasting-rights/ Efl TV rights out to tender. Bt sport expected to bid big
  5. MJP_Exeter

    £5.14b Sky Sports and BT remain the home of Premier league football. Lets hope that the money is fairly distributed through the leagues. Maybe a stadium improvement fund ;)
  6. MJP_Exeter

    Evan's to Hartlepool? Ronnie wants it to happen if it is possible.
  7. MJP_Exeter

    Is it worth asking the question? This lad is playing for free for Maidenhead. Surely worth asking if he would like a non contract here in the FL to try and give himself a proper shop window to get back to playing at professional level.
  8. MJP_Exeter

    ECFC doing something lovely and special for me and my new baby boy

    The club have been e-mailed and thanked for this gesture after being informed of mine and my wife's arrival of our first baby(A wonderful baby boy). The club where informed by a friend of mine who is an Argyle fan as well. Which make the effort on his part even better that he thought to inform...
  9. MJP_Exeter

    Camerons tax cut pledge!

    What do you make of them? For me. Great idea in principle. But at this stage when the NHS, Transport infastructure and other things lacking in investment i would rather see the £7B invested in our infrastructure. Beginning with the NHS and then onto transport. The NHS has a serious funding...
  10. MJP_Exeter

    Do people think the NHS is worth saving?

    Yes or no!! You can raise arguments for saving and against saving if you like. I am for saving
  11. MJP_Exeter

    Category 3 retained!! Sounds like our youth set up got a glowing report to retain category 3 status. Well done to all involved and lets hope we keep creating players for the first team
  12. MJP_Exeter

    Club Structure. Found this on the trust website
  13. MJP_Exeter

    Ling on his depression! Ling discusses his depression. Feel for the guy having been through depression and panic attacks myself. Hope a club takes him on in a job and gives him a chance to prove himself again. He did a good job at Torquay and did not deserve to be...
  14. MJP_Exeter

    An idea!

    A way the trust and club could raise a little extra money without people actually giving them a penny. Now i do not know whether it would be possible but is a small idea and means people can give to the club without actually giving to the club, In store loyalty cards like Clubcard and nectar...
  15. MJP_Exeter

    Tis on Sky Sports 1

    Tisdale to go on TV Tonight.
  16. MJP_Exeter

    Deals for the 3 matches in one week?

    Are the club doing any deals for people to attend 3 matches in one week? If we are not then potentially we are missing a trick imho as say a simple 3 matches for the price of 2 or buy 2 matches get on half price might just entice people to attend all 3. I know for myself 3 matches in a week(I...
  17. MJP_Exeter

    UKIP Voters!

    An open letter from Owen Jones of the independent paper to all you thinking of or going to vote UKIP!
  18. MJP_Exeter

    Hull owner tells critics to die!!! What a nice thing to say to fans of your club!
  19. MJP_Exeter

    Prem rights compared to European Rights! One thing that got me thinking. The Premier league has to sell packages to at least 2 providers. The EU Stipulated this and it has to be done. So therefore you end up with a sky +1(Setanta, ESPN and BT) Deal...
  20. MJP_Exeter

    Save our Royal Mail!! Please sign this and share it with your friends. This is too important to ignore. We need to start nationalising our key infrastructure so it is affordable and beneficial to us all, not privatise more of it to push up prices...