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  1. StroudGrecian

    FA Cup 2021/22

    Dover are in the National League (albeit part-time), and given their problems last season you'd have thought they'd want all the match practice they can get.
  2. StroudGrecian

    Salford away - Saturday 30 October

    I hope so - the posse & I will be there.
  3. StroudGrecian

    Exeter City vs Mansfield Town Match Day Thread

    Even Pate ranting about goalkeepers would be welcome
  4. StroudGrecian

    New Number 10 - Sam Nombe

    As long as he is, of course.
  5. StroudGrecian

    Obituary Thread

    Just ******* myself at the Bozza apologists.
  6. StroudGrecian

    Should we BUY £££ CLIFF HILL TRAINING GROUND only 23 years left on lease

    In my experience it is usually the other way around - 'improvements' are considered dilapidations, and its costly to return the property to its former state, prior to the lease.
  7. StroudGrecian

    EFL Green Clubs

    Sorry John, I quoted you but was also answering several earlier comments in the thread. I've no doubt you've seen ECFC at FGR many times! And you did well to miss the horrendous roadworks on the Stroud to Chalford Road - think they give it a rest at the weekends.
  8. StroudGrecian

    EFL Green Clubs

    I know Dale Vince and while I would agree that there is a certain (perhaps large) amount of attention-seeking and 'eco-BS' going on, a fraud and a gimmick he is not - he is genuinely passionate environmental sustainability, which forms the starting point for all of his business ventures...
  9. StroudGrecian

    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    Fortunately we're not hosting Colchester until April.
  10. StroudGrecian

    Yay or Nay: The Royal Family

    Don't really think it's legal profession that's the problem here Al. IIRC he was known as 'Randy Andy'.
  11. StroudGrecian

    Ollie Watkins

    Agreed - by the time Ollie came on Andorra were knackered and camped in their final third - no space for for him to exploit/create.
  12. StroudGrecian

    Ollie Watkins

  13. StroudGrecian

    Ollie Watkins

    Don't think Tammy Abraham has done much first half, except be tall. With Foden spraying the passes and Sancho skinning the fullback, the game's crying out for Ollie's movement up front.
  14. StroudGrecian

    Exeweb Beat The Bookie 2021/2022 Season

    Hi Al, I'm here to spaff some virtual cash. £100 win Tranmere £100 win FGR £50 win Orient Can I also put £50 on all of these coming home? thanks
  15. StroudGrecian

    Odds & sods

    I was in the cowshed, and mostly remember this game for the trouble, both at the final whistle (when the cowshed inadvisedly chanted 'Come on Millwall', and then largely scarpered when Millwall did, across the pitch), and then fisticuffs up and down Sidwell Street afterwards. Ugly scenes.
  16. StroudGrecian

    The James Bond Films Thread

    Can you imagine the eyebrow action if Roger Moore had played the Casino Royale balls-whipped-with-a-knotted-rope scene instead of Daniel Craig?
  17. StroudGrecian

    Did you know...

  18. StroudGrecian

    Flattered yet ultimately deceived

    Didn't he get 2 for us? One against Didcot and then one 'overhead' in the league?