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  1. denzel

    Local leagues restart?

    Anyone in the know aware of what is happening to local leagues, like the Devon and Exeter. As I understand it, organised sports can restart from the 29th March and some leagues were looking at having some local Cup competitions, but the Western and SWPL abandoned this idea when they were told...
  2. denzel

    Stevenage game

    Postponed due to Covid....
  3. denzel

    Carlisle game on Saturday

    Another which has been brought forward to 1pm. Doesnt bother me, but seems like short notice. Anyone inconvenienced by this?
  4. denzel

    Not PSG

    Great video on the first game of the season for Red Star FC, who play in Ligue 3.
  5. denzel

    Why couldn't we play today?

    Not having a go, but with the Chiefs game moved back 24 hours and about to kick off, is there any reason why we couldn't do the same? One to look at got the future?
  6. denzel

    Carabao Cup Final Arsenal v Man City

    The club (or was it the trust) used to get tickets for these games and pass them on to supporters If I recall correctly. Haven't seen anything this year, anyone know what's happened.
  7. denzel

    Exeter City v Hull City under 23s Premier League Cup Matchday Thread

    Hope I've got that right. COYR.
  8. denzel

    The New Official Website

    Official website that is.. Does anyone else have this problem when viewing on a smartphone? - the page always scrolls to the bottom and it'd impossible to scroll back up to the top. Makes it impossible to read? Fine otherwise, just seems a major glitch.
  9. denzel

    Tickets Not Arrived?

    I did post on another thread but wondered if I might get a response on a new one. Ticket zone state that tickets will arrive within 72 hours of the event. Well mine haven't and what's more I am unable to contact them until 9am tomorrow morning. Problem is I need to leave at 8 to go east...
  10. denzel

    28th May

    One for the stattos - have City ever played on the 28th May before? Yet another record for this crazy season?
  11. denzel

    Stansy Time to change the chant?
  12. denzel

    January Manager and Player of the month.

    No surprise that Tisdale is nominated for MoM along with Evans, Ferguson and Bignot. Ferguson also had 15 points so could push him close. Bizarrely though David Wheeler has not been nominated for PoM, though Watkins has. Scoring in every game from midfield is clearly not enough!
  13. denzel

    Tis's half time cuppa

    I thought we had been doing well just after half time, but this is extraordinary As it shows, in the fifteen minutes after half time we have scored eleven and conceded one, easily our best period. What does Tis say at half time ??
  14. denzel

    Trust CO Cup Final Draw

    I see a list of winners is on the website. Was this a random draw of all trust members or was there some form of pre entry that I missed please? Apologies if this is in the wrong forum
  15. denzel

    Portsmouth away

    Any ticket details yet? Clearly this will be one of our biggest followings of the season, be a shame to miss out.
  16. denzel

    FA Youth Cup 2nd round next Wednesday

    In action in the FAYC Round 2 at Cambridge.,,10423~2212454,00.html Anyone else up for cheering on the boys??
  17. denzel

    Cardiff v Swansea 5:20pm kick off

    Yes, this is City-related. If one of the vilest derbies in English (sic.) football can take place at 5:20 on a Saturday afternoon, why are all our games against Arg*le and even Torquay switched to 11am?? It surely can't be entirely due to the incompetence of D&C Plod, surely?
  18. denzel

    Clever City Fan on 'Only Connect'

    Sam Charman, captain of the 'Exeter Alumni' team, self confessed City fan. And if you don't know what 'Only Connect' is, you're not clever either...
  19. denzel

    Brighton away,,10436~1951748,00.html If I manage to get a ticket, clap!
  20. denzel

    6-0-6 tonight

    Guest is one certain Simon Grayson. Could be worth a listen!