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  1. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Exeter City Women vs Plymouth Argyle Cup Match Day Thread 2pm. #HerGameToo

    this game was better than the Euro final ...........
  2. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Bradford City away in the FA Cup

    not too far for me - so I'll go if not playing
  3. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    First time at a match!

    get on the big bank - near centre and back best place to be Enjoy the game
  4. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    October 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    02/10 H Walsall Win 3 pts 1-0 09/10 A Stevenage Win 3pts 1-0 16/10 H Newport County win 3pts 1-0 19/10 A Crawley Draw 1 pt 1-1 23/10 H Mansfield Win 3 pts 1-0 30/10 A Salford Cit loss 0 pts 0-1 total 13 points Tayloe Mgr of the month
  5. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Fan Photos and Videos

    Great to see Geoffry ( Yorkshire Grecian Flg) in the corner
  6. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Fan Photos and Videos

    because you're always on your phone !!!
  7. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    September 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    04/09 H Forest Green Rovers L 0 v 2 0 points 11/09 A Scunthorpe D 1 v 1 1 point 18/09 H Sutton W 2 v 1 3 points 25/09 A Hartlepool D 2 v 2 1 point total 5 points
  8. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Owura Edwards in on loan from Bristol City

    agreed , but surely improving the player for Bristol City also improves him for Exeter !
  9. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    3 New Directors Appointed Today

    There is a lot of experience here and they've given up their time to help the club and be part of the club . I see this as a positive move forward.
  10. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Joel Randall (to Peterborough)

    they are all non salaried
  11. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    August 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    07/8 H Bradford City 1-1 1pt 14/8 A Leyton Orient 1-2 3pt 17/8 A Barrow 1-1 1 pt 21/8 H Bristol Rovers 2-1 3pts 28/8 A Harrogate 1-1 1 pt 9 points
  12. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Barrow away - Tuesday 17th August

    hopefully going - still a decent trip from wakefield
  13. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Cameron Dawson {signs on loan for Exeter!}

    Defo excited by this signing
  14. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    New Number 10 - Sam Nombe

    i love it when a new signing say i want to show the fans what i can top man
  15. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    The Serious Torquay Thread

    it will be great to see the Gulls in league 2
  16. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Good luck messages

    Good luck boys
  17. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Gillingham FA Cup Build Up Thread

    Agree - these two league fixtures more important than the FA cup ( i hate saying that )
  18. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Goal keeper required (Jökull Andrésson signs!)for Morecambe

    Agreed what a tish combo. 3rd team kit shorts and socks with proper GK top .
  19. Grecian_in_Barnsley


    when i last did this , the screen kept suttering , that was the Scunthorpe Game , I'm not doing it again unless it improves - as it was a waste id rather send the cash direct tot the club