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  1. Nigel E

    New club secretary

    Not sure if this was publicised elsewhere - is Nicola any relation to Steve?
  2. Nigel E

    ECFC Accounts: End of Year June 2019

    The accounts up to June 2019 for the Club have just dropped at Companies House for those who are interested (and, unlike me, understand balance sheets).
  3. Nigel E

    Where do you post...

    ...nostalgia like this. On WOWS? Loved the white adidas kit of 77/8
  4. Nigel E

    "Let's do something real"

    Thought I'd have a go at putting together a video of the last 7 years, to a four and a half minute song. See what you think. **If youtube have copyright issues with the content and delete it, I'll upload it somewhere else.
  5. Nigel E

    League 1 odds for 2010-11

    You can get 100-1 on City to be champions at William Hill... Looking at the other prices, it seems like Hills have gone longest on most of the outsiders.
  6. Nigel E

    The weather in Nottingham

    If you're a weather obsessive, or anxious about whether the game on Saturday is going to go ahead - or like me, both - you can check this link for hourly updates on the conditions in Nottingham between now and Saturday...
  7. Nigel E

    FA Cup replay update.

    The Curzon Ashton-Hinckley replay is tonight for some reason, and according to this message board Curzon Ashton have gone 1-0 up