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  1. Copernicus

    Finally the Turkys are going down!

    So where are you Baning-Them-In? Planning your trip to Truro? (rofl)(rofl)
  2. Copernicus

    Bye Bye Turkeys (the zero sympathy thread)

    Bye Bye then, to all the Turkey fans that used to post on the Exeweb Banter Base... Southampton Gull, Jerking Off, col64upwood etc. etc. I really think you will be the next Stockport County....... titter (moonie)
  3. Copernicus

    Live Tv coverage in Middle East

    Jazeera Sports +8 are showing the game live, it is not shown in their listings! I hope my Dream Box does not do its usual trick and freeze up. UTC [G]
  4. Copernicus

    Here is a thought!

    If Argiggle do not make it to the end of the season, i.e. the staff walk out and the Administrator has no option but to pull the plug, the Football League will have to kick them out of L1. I don't know the regulations, but this has happened in the past and all the failed clubs results are...
  5. Copernicus

    Media (BBC, CNN etc) bulls#it

    Why do they always make such obvious "mistakes" trying to sex-up news issues. The demonstrations in Bahrain, cleared by the police, reportedly in "Pearl Square" in the "Middle of Manama"..... trying to make it sound like it is an important location as in Cairo etc. It is a ROUNDABOUT...
  6. Copernicus

    Jerking_Off appreciation thread

    Thanks Jerking _Off, it was close but you came through in the end... Thanks for all the "predictions" and "FACTS" Keep up the good work next season! So, what are you going to do now that your Boxing Day is free? (umm, best ask your Mummy ;)) Are you still bitter and twisted you slice of...
  7. Copernicus

    Gutted in Bahrain

    Due to the Internationals and no premiershi* games the local Sattelite network are showing a live LEAGUE TWO game accross the Middle East..... thanks to Sky:D But it's NOT the game of the day, City V Rochdale it's Wycombe V Shrewsbury :@:@:@: Boll*x