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  1. edwin_price

    Living on the volcano

    "How do you make players feel they can beat anybody? That's why I wore a cravat for six months. I said to the players, "When I'm stood there, looking down the touchline twenty yards away, and the other manager's got his tracksuit tucked into his socks, I'm one-nil up. How are you going to be...
  2. edwin_price

    Nicky Featherstone

    Exactly what we need in my opinion... board is strangely lacking in inwards transfer gossip, unless I'm missing something.
  3. edwin_price


    Why do we bother paying a wage, if Tisdale never plans to play him... he's already 21 and can't get near the team, if he would ever be good enough, he's be good enough already etc. etc.... Anyone else preparing to eat a thick slice of humble pie (keeping it on standby until he's done it for a...
  4. edwin_price


    Not trying to bring negativity to things, but am a bit surprised by all the optimism floating about. From the squad that finished the season (and was clearly not good enough to go up) we've added a conference midfielder and a goalkeeper, Oddschecker shows that there are only 3 teams with...
  5. edwin_price

    Praise for Argyle

    Well done to Plymouth on what sounded like a very brave performance. Even though it was only in a minor trophy and you didn't quite get the win, you can take a lot of heart from the way you battled and harried our players and didn't make it easy for us. That performance could be a turning point...
  6. edwin_price

    Tisdale's unusual decisions

    What do you think are Tisdale's top wacky decisions that have paid off? The type that have been met with immediate dissapointment by the majority of fans, before turning out to be a smarter move than expected. Here are a few to set it off... Signing of Southern league oil tanker Matt Taylor...
  7. edwin_price

    Spread of goals

    Is anyone else frustrated and concerned that none of our defenders have chipped in with a goal yet? Also, it is very worrying that of the midfield, only Harley seems to be able to score.
  8. edwin_price

    Leeds tickets needed

    If anyone has tickets, but can't make it, I'm looking for 3 tickets as I can't make it down to Exeter before the weekend. Does anyone know whether any remaining tickets will be sold on the gate? Sorry if this information is available somewhere online... I've had a brief look, but couldn't find...
  9. edwin_price

    Josh Low

    ...has been transfer listed by Cheltenham and would be a good signing for us... ....any thoughts?