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  1. OmanGrecian

    Exeter City Versus Mansfield Town Saturday 23/10/21 3.00 p.m. (BST) Kick off

    I have returned back to Italy from Kosovo earlier than expected. This means I'm flying to the UK tomorrow to surprise family for half term. This also means I will be attending my first game since last Christmas. I CANNOT WAIT. 3-0 Win. Nombe x 2 and Sweeney
  2. OmanGrecian


    Can't get into my work now without my COVID passport. They scan it every morning. Laws in Italy dictate that without it, you cannot work.
  3. OmanGrecian

    Exeter City Women 2021/22 Season

    1,096 tickets sold for the Argyle game on Sunday. The previous record has been smashed
  4. OmanGrecian

    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    Maybe it's undergoing screening
  5. OmanGrecian

    October 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    02/10 H Walsall W 2-0 09/10 A Stevenage W 1-3 16/10 H Newport County W 1-0 19/10 A Crawley D 1-1 23/10 H Mansfield W 4-1 30/10 A Salford City D 0-0 14 points
  6. OmanGrecian

    £100k scoreboard. Yay or Nay.

    Don't know. What does the scoreboard say?
  7. OmanGrecian

    Hartlepool Utd vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    Looks like you have an Italian sat in front of you who is already moaning at the ref.
  8. OmanGrecian

    Hartlepool Utd vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    If he can find it (sorry, tad harsh)
  9. OmanGrecian

    Hartlepool Utd vs Exeter City Matchday Thread

    I'd take a draw from this. Going to be a good challenge and will make for an entertaining match (famous last words). Will be watching on iFollow down the temporary Afghan village in Kosovo. Might see if I can recruit some new supporters and watch it with some of them.
  10. OmanGrecian


    Feels strange now being in a landlocked country (Kosovo) doing land and air planning for onward movement. Where's my submarine at????? :LOL: I do love the variety working for NATO though.
  11. OmanGrecian


    JFC NAPLES | NATO Afghan evacuees begin journey to resettlement One of the most rewarding things I've ever been a part of. The smiles of relief on their faces when they reached here is something I will remember forever. I love walking around the temporary village playing football with the kids...
  12. OmanGrecian

    Exeter City v Sutton United Matchday Thread

    Surprised this hasn't been started yet. My first matchday thread of the season, so I'm sorry when it all goes wrong. Sutton are certainly no pushovers, but City are starting to click now. I can see a 2-0 win inbound. Jealous of all those who can attend, I will be following on IFollow if I can...
  13. OmanGrecian

    TV Times

    I wasn’t on the “bombers” with nuclear weapons, but T-Boats (attack submarines), which is nuclear powered, but much smaller than the bombers. The attack submarines are very cramped and compact onboard, involving crouching slightly in many compartments and not much room to move past people...
  14. OmanGrecian

    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    They still do, but still fun to drive
  15. OmanGrecian

    Automobiles : Good,Bad & the Ugly.

    My new wheels in Italy. Love these cars, they have engines that will go on forever. Picked it up for a bargain, but also know they are becoming collectible cars so will make a tidy profit too.
  16. OmanGrecian

    Will COVID pass system apply to SJP?
  17. OmanGrecian

    Incoming - Timothee Dieng

    I wouldn't have thought so, not on a one year deal.
  18. OmanGrecian

    A trip to the Orient - Sat 14th August

    A potential yay from me, restrictions allowing. I can get return flights to London for £20 from Naples. Will be cheaper and quicker for me to get there than from Devon.
  19. OmanGrecian

    England v Italy: Discussion & Build Up Thread

    Nerves starting to kick in. I was tempted to go to downtown Naples to watch it, but now thinking that’s a bit of a risk. My local beach bar is erecting a big screen, so will probably watch it there with mates. Come on England