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  1. OmanGrecian

    Exeter City v Sutton United Matchday Thread

    Surprised this hasn't been started yet. My first matchday thread of the season, so I'm sorry when it all goes wrong. Sutton are certainly no pushovers, but City are starting to click now. I can see a 2-0 win inbound. Jealous of all those who can attend, I will be following on IFollow if I can...
  2. OmanGrecian

    Barrow v Exeter Matchday Thread (take 2) - GAME OFF

    Here we go then, 2nd attempt to play this match. Fingers crossed the frost covers to their job. A 3rd straight win will do nicely, but I can see a cagey affair with a win by one goal either way.
  3. OmanGrecian

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching what are Exewebbers holding out for to buy? For me I'm waiting until tomorrow to buy: - Flights to the US - Christmas presents Are these deals really any better than any other day?
  4. OmanGrecian

    Gillingham FA Cup Build Up Thread

    After the thrashing delivered to Colchester, attention now turns to the FA Cup to progress to round 3. After last night's match I wish it was another league game on Saturday to get league momentum up and running. Play like last night and we should have no fear, however, I'm going for a 1-1 draw...
  5. OmanGrecian

    5 Substitutions from Friday This could be the time for Ajose to get a look in.
  6. OmanGrecian

    Leyton Orient v Exeter City Matchday Thread - 1900

    As it hasn't been started yet... Come on City, keep that good run going. Hoping we'll have a keeper in on loan by this evening and the players have had negative COVID results following the Scunthorpe game. Come on you rip roaring Grecians.
  7. OmanGrecian

    Exeter City v Colchester Prediction Thread

    Well, time to build some excitement I guess. Not sure if we are home or away first, but here goes. HOME Exeter City 2 - 1 Colchester Attendance: 225 cardboard cutouts AWAY Colchester 1 - Exeter City 1
  8. OmanGrecian

    Brentford's new ground

    Erm, not sure what to make of this
  9. OmanGrecian

    Your go to YouTube videos

    When bored of Netflix or TV during the lockdown, I often log on to YouTube to watch random videos. What is your go to video of choice? At the moment I'm watching a lot of videos by a guy call Kitboga. He scams scammers and wastes their time. In most of his videos he pretends to be an elderly...
  10. OmanGrecian

    Exeter City v Crewe Matchday Thread

    Surprised this one hasn't been started yet. Matchday nerves maybe? Anyway, UP THE CITY!!!
  11. OmanGrecian

    City v Crewe build up

    Huge game. City can be anywhere from 1st to 5th by full time on Tuesday. A vast improvement from the past 2 games is needed and I reckon we will see this. Bowman will convert his chances and Richardson should start. The pitch will still be heavy underfoot, but hopefully we don’t see too much...
  12. OmanGrecian

    Just can’t get rid of it

    Ok, this is probably just aimed at the men on here as we are all guilty of it. What is the oldest piece of clothing you own? Do you still wear said item? I was clearing out my wardrobe the other week before my move abroad and found a t-shirt I used to wear as a teenager (about 15). I’m 35 now...
  13. OmanGrecian

    Are we relegated yet?

    Asking for a friend
  14. OmanGrecian

    Potential TV game for Arg*le game

    Club have just announced that Sky are considering this as a TV game. That would mean a change in date and kick off
  15. OmanGrecian

    Midweek League 2 matches impacting Exeter City MDT

    There are 3 games tonight in League 2, all of which can have an impact on where City finish. Colchester v Bradford Orient v Northampton Macclesfield v Crewe Here's hoping for a draw for the first one and wins for Orient and Macclesfield.
  16. OmanGrecian

    Salford City v Exeter City discussion thread

    Started this as I want to forget about the Hartlepool game immediately. Which Exeter City will turn up?? Here's hoping for the Northampton 2nd half City. I believe Sparkes will now miss this game? A 2-0 win will do nicely with 550 travelling Grecians.
  17. OmanGrecian

    Creepy Crawley V Exeter City discussion thread

    A Hartlepool thread has been started, but there’s still a big game before that. Can’t remember the last time we played at Crawley on a Saturday, they have normally been Tuesday night games. That being said, we do take good numbers to Crawley, so can’t see why we won’t have at least 600 up there...
  18. OmanGrecian

    Argyle roof

    Seems like the winds have damaged the roof over the away end. Wheels falling off last week, roof this week. Must be tinpot to have an away end without a roof.
  19. OmanGrecian

    New signing/mascot/cuddly bear/insert here

    Official City Twitter handle giving out cryptic messages, with details being released on Friday evening.
  20. OmanGrecian

    Pubs on Saturday

    Anyone know if pubs will be open before 1200 on Saturday? Just seen a tweet from D&C police to the away fans saying that no football fans allowed in Exonian until 1130, once rugby finished. Guess they can pretend to be rugby fans to try and get in.