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  1. Jean Jeannie

    Wakey Wakey - Happy Birthday!!

    To my nephew and serial lurker wakey wakey - have a great Birthday today Da!!! Lots of love Auntie Jean Jeannie & Co xxxxx I know he'll be 'chomping at the bit' to reply but, for some unknown reason to us, can't. We are not sure whether it is his phone, Exeweb or some other issue that...
  2. Jean Jeannie

    Missing Cat - Jinx

    My cat has decided to go walkabouts and hasn't been seen since yesterday around 6pm. We live near Polsloe Bridge in Whipton - she could be anywhere in the Whipton or Heavitree area - she was near St Michael's School Thursday night/Friday morning. Her vets know and will keep us informed if they...
  3. Jean Jeannie

    Happy Half-a-Century Oldsmobile

    To wish one of the veterans of Exeweb ;) a very Happy 50th Birthday today. Olds - hope you've got over the celebrations from Friday - obviously it takes longer at your age :D. I'm sure Little Dragon will spoil you rotten. Jeannie n Lash xxxx
  4. Jean Jeannie

    The Royal Wedding....

    So, is it doin' your head in to the extent you wish you were working or are you embracing all the hype and excited about the forthcoming celebrations. If you are intending to celebrate, how will you do it? Anyone got the invite? Me? I'm glad I'm working as I can avoid a lot of the stuff - I...
  5. Jean Jeannie

    Oldham SJP Match

    Please can someone confirm the correct date of this fixture - We have one programme that says it is on 23 April and another that says 22 April. The website says 22 April also. Thanks
  6. Jean Jeannie

    Christmas Song - 1st original recorded by the Thorvertones

    I know, it's another Christmas song thread but, I think it's special therefore I've given it a thread of its own. This is the very first original recording of a Christmas song written by the Thorvertones. I'd love you to have a listen - please see link below...
  7. Jean Jeannie

    Happy 40th Birthday Red Wheels

    Happy 40th Birthday to a great friend Red Wheels. Looking forward to helping you celebrate it at the races tomorrow. Have a lovely day. :) XXXXXX
  8. Jean Jeannie

    Katrina Riley Hospiscare Tribute Fund

    I never knew Katrina but this thread is for a much loved and missed Wife and Mum who was taken away just a little over a year ago. Tim, I hope you don’t mind me starting this. I hope it also highlights the wonderful tribute to her memory you have paid by holding Plymtree’s Got Talent among...
  9. Jean Jeannie

    The Thorvertones

    The Thorvertones are busking in Exeter High Street tomorrow from 2-4 pm. If you haven't seen them then I definitely recommend giving them a try. If you are on Facebook, then here is a link to their page. They are also on Lemonrock. Jeannie xx
  10. Jean Jeannie

    Happy Birthday

    ... to Red Lion Have a great day :) [cake][ecfc]
  11. Jean Jeannie

    I want a kitten....

    does anyone know of any that need a home?
  12. Jean Jeannie

    Yay or Nay for the Girls Time for some eye candy ;)
  13. Jean Jeannie

    Happy Birthday Red Wheels...

    ...for tomorrow (Saturday). A tad early as getting ready for tomorrow's trip to Curzon Ashton. Have a great day Nic and enjoy the evening out with your family. Love Jeannie [cake][party] xxx
  14. Jean Jeannie

    Strangler ticket/s for this Friday

    Anyone wishing to go to this at the Great Hall I may have one possibly two tickets cost £23 each - pm me and make me an offer. I will know for definite around 10am tomorrow morning.
  15. Jean Jeannie

    Most entertaining advert ever

    for me so far goes to Johnny Rotten in the Country Life butter ad. I like the Hovis ad too - magic.