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  1. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Which Goalkeeps do you want to see between the sticks at SJP ?

    With the departure of Pym, who would you like to see as the Custodian?
  2. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Reuben Reid -Reception when FGR play

    How do you think the crowd will react when he visits the park on the 27th ?
  3. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Where do you think we will end up at the end of the Season?

    Champions? Auto's Play-offs ?
  4. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    New Kit

    Are we due a new kit for next season ?
  5. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Minutes applause at wembley. 48th minute

    Hi Just picked up on twitter that coventry fans will start a minutes applause after the passong of one of their fans .
  6. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    spare ticket for lincoln

    i have a spare ticket for lincoln please call me 07837002973 i will be in lincoln Glyn
  7. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Officials for Sunday Stanno Game at Elmore required

    Hi, An anyone help us get some officials for this coming Sunday game at Elmore v Yeovil Supporters. please contact me 07837002973
  8. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Adam stansfield memorial cup

    The Adam Stansfield memorial cup has been arranged for the 18th May. It will be played at Elmore where Adam has a stand named after him. The club have kindly offered for us to use the facilities for the annual game between Exeter city supporters and Yeovil town supporters. Kick off...
  9. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Officials Required for Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy

    Officials required for the Supporters game being held at Topsham Town FC at 10:30 on Monday 2nd January. there is a separate thread for the game. please PM me . or call me 07837002973 Glyn
  10. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Adam Stansfield Memorial Trophy v Yeovil

    This game will take place between Exeter Supporters and Yeovil supporters and will be a re-run of last years game competing for the Adam stansfield Memorial Trophy. Kick off at Yeovil training ground top pitch at 10.30 am.
  11. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    EXEWEB Game 2nd nov

    at the uni at 8. anyone want to play?
  12. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Locking up the gates at Argyle

    Heard on radio this morning that if they dont get £6 million then the gates are getting locked tonight. THE END
  13. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Exeter city supporters FC (sunday)

    anyone got any contact details for TAFF -the manager as i need to contact him. glyn
  14. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    best devon cream tea?

    A relative senior Birthday coming up soon and want to go for a cream tea? where is the best , + nice views would be a bonus ! thanks GIP
  15. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Sale Cabin

    Being a bit thick here -but where is it? (i dont get out much)
  16. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    CArling Cup Tickets

    I was lucky in the draw love the Trust love City
  17. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    Exeter City Supporters V Yeovil Supporters

    Is there going to be a rematch of the game that was played at Yeovil in memory of Stanno when Yeovil visit us ?
  18. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    City Keeper Kit

    did Hamer wear a pink kit in the first half and then yellow in the second half ?
  19. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    songs with other "samples"

    Hi All , compiling a quiz , with one round of songs with samples from others songs in them i.e. Golddigga Kanye West -with Ray Charles I gotta Woman. what others are there -so i can decide which ones are best. cheers GIP
  20. Grecian_in_Barnsley

    chinese lanterns

    saw loads of these last night ,, anyone else saw them? any reason ??