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    Crawley vs Exeter prediction and discussion thread

    I had enough of draws this season, and would take anything over another one. We have to try and win games, rather than settling for a draw. Clearly Taylor sees it like you.. Why try and win or lose a game in the last 15 minutes, when you can just draw..
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    Crawley vs Exeter prediction and discussion thread

    Please can we win or lose.. I would take either tomorrow
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    The season thus far

    Season is very difficult to judge.. We have only lost 1 game all season, which must be some sort of record at this stage. However we have drawn way too many, and as a result are sitting lower in the table than perhaps we should be - Not killing off games, like for instance Stevenage, they were...
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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    2-2… Never could of predicted that one
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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    I will also say that although the first goal was a shocker from Dawson, no one mentioned Sweeney for the initial shocking pass which gave possession away. Dawson has been superb all season and it is unfortunate that one mistake and it costs a goal. Defenders constantly give possession away and...
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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    It isn’t good enough, but then we will never get rid of Taylor. I wanted rid end of last season, but was willing to give him one more season. If he doesn’t make the play offs this season then he needs to be let go.
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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    Keeper is having an absolute mare
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    ‘Her Game Too’ Exeter City v Newport County Matchday Thread

    Nasty tackle from Daniel. But Newport couldn’t of tried harder to try and get him sent off
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    West Ham Utd U23 v Exeter City U23 Premier League Cup 13/10/21 2.oo p.m. kick off

    78 mins: Harry Kite ought to have finished it here for Exeter. Iseguan centres for the Exeter U23s skipper, who's unmarked on the penalty spot, but guides a poor finish straight at Kinnear with his boot. He had more time than he thought.
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    STEVENAGE AWAY 9TH OCTOBER 2021 - Discussion thread

    I predicted a win in the prediction thread. However, we are the draw specialists and this game will be no different. 1-1 with Jake Taylor getting a 93rd Minute equaliser.
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    Ollie Watkins

    So that then he doesn't have to live in Birmingham anymore.
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    October 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    Ok, sounds fair - I will join you on that + Donate a further £10, if I win this month.
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    A tale of two Matts - Matt Taylors Exeter City v Matt Taylors Walsall preview and prediction thread

    How do you lose to Bristol Rovers? If they can't beat Bristol they must be really s**t.
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    October 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    02/10 H Walsall - W 2-0 09/10 A Stevenage - W 3-1 16/10 H Newport County - W 2-0 19/10 A Crawley - D 1-1 23/10 H Mansfield - W 1-0 30/10 A Salford City - D 1-1 14 points - Think though I am being a bit optimistic this month, which is very strange for me. Over confidence given our form recently...
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    September 2021 Points Prediction Thread

    04/09 H Forest Green Rovers D 1-1 11/09 A Scunthorpe L 2-0 18/09 H Sutton W 3-1 25/09 A Hartlepool D 0-0 5 points
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    Deadline day predictions

    I predict there will be no movement, either IN or OUT. There will be outrage that we did not get the 3/4 Marquee signings MT said we would get, everyone will question why not, when we had the biggest budget in years + the sale of Randall.
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    Exeter City vs Bristol Rovers Match Day Thread

    Absolute quality performance first half.. We could of been 7-0 up by half time and missed a couple more in the 2nd half. It does seem Amond has added extra to our attack and provides the movement needed to create a decent amount of chances. I doubted the signing of Cameron Dawson at the start...
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    Barrow A.F.C. v Exeter City Matchday Thread

    If we don't score again tonight, does anyone know what our record is for no goals being scored. As if we don't score against Barrow, which I don't believe we will - That will make it 335 minutes.