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    Trust Snoods Available now.
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    Car Insurance

    Do you go compare, Compare the market or money supermarket when looking ?
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    anyone know the team??

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    Customer Reviews...

    I often read reviews. They help with my purchases.. and what people feel about services and the like on the web Some are classics like this review page of Haribos Sugar Free Classic Gummi Bears...
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    Golf Talk

    So with lockdown being relaxed, a few games of golf have been played the last couple of weeks down at starcross.. only because you seem to need to book before you go elsewhere.. but sadly its a bit past its sell by date.. Certainly more rough than green.. I haven't properly played for a few...
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    The latest Snake Oil Scam

    So if you're that bat **** crazy to buy one of these.. i also have a sharpie that will make what ever dream you write down come true... and a book with dates in it to write these dreams down in.. £995 the pair
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    World Health Organisation

    Is it the end of this? Some shocking info coming out about the organisation and sadly I think its irrepairable the damage its caused itself....
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    The Netflix Thread

    So being furloughed ive enjoyed having the opportunity to catch up on some documentaries especially on Netflix Ive been impress with two series, One is Dirty Money (The VW scandal called Nox was fantastic and showed how devious car manufacturers are!!) ...and Explained especially the episodes...
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    Its The ECFC Player Knockout Game

    Its The ECFC Player Knockout Game The rules are quite simple: Each Player starts with 10 points. Each day, and only once per day, you add 1 point to your favourite and subtract 2 points from your least favourite (it can be on performance or your own opinion) When a Player reaches 0 He is...
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    Last documentary you watched!!

    Netflix has a series called Dirty Money and it was an episode called Hard Nox Alex Gibney reveals shocking new details about VW's corporate deceit, and exposes the unholy alliance between governments and automakers that allowed the automaker to put tens of thousands of lives at risk - all for...
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    Member posts?

    Does anyone use this on their profile? its like a facebook wall on here.. A personal post that doesn't really belong on a thread
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    £2 Trust subscription

    Is it the rule that we pay only £2 a month to be a member or can you pay more?? Ive been looking at my subscription and I have been a member for over ten years and would like to raise it to ten pound a month. Is that an option? or is £2 the fee? Anyone else pay more? Just throwing it out there
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    Model kit Building (Hobby Thread)

    Turning 40 in January I wanted to get back to a hobby I was doing in my youth, now my ebay basically ticks over I wanted to do something in my spare time. I had a model train set where I built a track, some trains and a few buildings.. Then whilst on holiday I bought a kit and build a plane, now...
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    Taggy to buy all Trust Shares as he pledges 12 million

    This is a test to see if the new Exeweb is working 😀😀
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    Frank lampard

    Watching the game :)
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    Technical issues this week

    Doing back ups tonight so apologies if you find the site down cheers
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    its a miracle care to explain? will he lose his disabled season ticket??
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    Interesting debate on youth football and academy's Thoughts....
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    Players Moving on Thread

    JMT to Middlesborough... rumours or is there truth in it??
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    ECFCNursey : RIP

    It comes with sadness to share that our dear friend Rachel Gale sadly died on Sunday. She was a beautiful, kind woman who was generous, thoughtful and became a blessing to all who she met. I will miss her enormously Its true so true that.... Some people come into our lives and leave...