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  1. sign of the chimes

    League 2 news 2021/22

    Oops, I misinterpreted the emphasis in your post. That said, I assume that like the summer window player/agent demands change a bit the later things get - must be a nightmare for clubs to try and deal at the optimum point in any window given all the variables.
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    Championship 21/22

    I think I read there's a 'charge' over the stadium/training ground by a US company called MSD to the tune of about £20m. It makes any purchase more complex as, if I understand this correctly, any purchaser has to satisfy that charge if they want to complete a purchase that doesn't effectively...
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    League 2 news 2021/22

    To be fair, one of the centre-halves they'd managed to secure was only until January so assuming at the very least they'd need to look for reinforcements there? To be even fairer, can't think of many clubs who do no business in January.
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    League 2 news 2021/22

    Sharpe can't have been there for that long - he was at Wigan before (I think he might be the grandson of Dave Whelan?) The common denominator at Mansfield has been the Radfords. Though it does feel as though they've professionalised the operation a bit in the last year or so, including the...
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    Championship 21/22

    Yes. I have to say my opinion in relation to Derby has changed somewhat since the news broke; and having become acquainted with more of the detail. There was a good piece in the Athletic a few days ago which also mentioned the change in the rules regarding HMRC, which I'd not been aware of...
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    Championship 21/22

    Also being reported that Reading could end up with a nine point deduction. Eye watering losses there.
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    League One 21/22

    If convicted of their respective charges perhaps Pilley and Barton could be reunited far sooner than anyone thought possible.
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    League One 21/22

    Finished 2-2 - as it often seems to between us and them. I thought it was a decent match; draw probably a fair result in the end. Hard to judge Plymouth on the basis on one 90 minutes in the flesh but Lowe looks to have built a decent side - Panutche Camara looks like he'll play at the level...
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    Championship 21/22

    Looks like a tactical decision given the points penalty they're set to receive for the financial shenannigans that have been going on there for the last few years. My gut feeling is that this is one of those where they will feel the short-term pain but probably be okay after that as they don't...
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    Manager Thread redux

    I think their previous owner Al-Hawasi got through nine and he was there for 5/6 years. The current owner Marinakis seems to be following the same path. There comes a point with owners where you have to start thinking perhaps the issue is the chairman/owner, rather than a succession of sacked...
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    US Open Tennis 2021

    Haha. I'm hoping they'll use the Prime commentators (Petchey and Navratilova), in which case I'll watch on 4 - on the basis that the Prime feed will be a minute or so behind.
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    US Open Tennis 2021

    Live on Channel 4 tonight information the UK.
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    John Coleman is incredible. He knows the lower leagues and, perhaps more importantly, he knows lower league and non-league football in the northwest. Given the number of clubs in that region and, by default, the number of youngsters who drop out of the system and end up playing at that level...
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    League One 21/22

    Some of those headline figures are eye-watering - and in the case of some of the 'bigger' clubs there are well known stories behind the figures. To me it's the Fleetwood figures that are the most astonishing in isolation. Accumulated losses of £20m with a single season P/L of c. £5m...
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    So, having read something earlier today I've now got a proper answer to this Andrew. "A little-known clause of Article 48 is that it requires 50 per cent of matches in England’s top two divisions to kick off at 3pm for it to come into effect. That means that during international week, for...
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    Deadline day predictions

    This has definitely been the weirdest window I've known in the FL. Very little money being spent in the Championship which has caused a blockage in the chain, alongside lots of clubs being understandably cautious. That's had an impact in all directions. I can think of a couple we've got on...
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    League 2 News

    A classy gesture, that.
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    Premier League 21/22

    Such a handful. Chelsea looked really good with him up top. I thought Arsenal performed quite well as a team but there was a definite gulf in class between the two sides today. I feel for Arteta as the fan expectations seem a bit detached from the reality of where they stand as a club at the...
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    Harry Kite

    Is that because you filmed it for a couple of seconds up until he hit it; and then took a photo? ;-)
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    EFL Trophy vs Chelsea U21 - build up

    Definitely. I wasn't being preachy about it (as I said, plenty of other stuff I do like the Sky Sports subscription that would make it a bit hypocritical), and accept I'm a probably an outlier! I'm also anti betting sponsorship (despite having the odd flutter).