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    So, I tested positive for Covid yesterday (lateral flow test). My son (19) had been ill since friday last week and tested positive on monday, I started feeling ill monday but had a negative LFT then, but come yesterday it was positive. I'm not going to lie, it isn't pleasant. It's been like...
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    hi, this might be a dumb question, but does ifollow have a sort of 'season ticket' feature where you can purchase a bunch of games? I'd thought of it as a potential xmas present if so. Cheers.
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    Tisdale to Swindon?

    Somebody had to do it...
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    Ribeiro injured for 2 months.
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    Bye Wolfie!
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    Travelling frequently by train with a friend?

    This might come in handy?
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    Away travel by train.

    If anybody is thinking of travelling to any away games by train and has Tesco clubcard vouchers, the website accepts uprated vouchers for the purchase of tickets and in effect allows you to buy the tickets for a third of their normal price. Even delivery is free. Obviously I...
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    Game off

    Game is OFF according to official Facebook page.
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    Josh McQuoid

    Been on fire this season but signing for Millwall now:
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    PC Underhill

    Sad news of the ECFC liaison officer:
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    Friday fry-up five to choose

    1. Fried or scrambled eggs? 2. Chips or Hash Browns? 3. Ketchup or Brown sauce? 4. White or Brown toast? 5. Tea or coffee?
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    Free competition

    Predict all winners of 4 divisions and Scottish Prem and win a holiday - competition closes today (30th Sept) though:
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    Exeweb Legends

    Did the game go ahead today?
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    Closer to who?

    With us being 1 division away from each of our 2 main rivals, the question has to be asked who are we going to finish nearer to in terms of league placings? Even their most optimistic fans would agree Argyle are probably going to finish in the bottom third, while we need to replace our recently...
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    What if .... ?

    Was visiting my parents yesterday and it came up in conversation that in the mid 70s, when I was only about 5, they seriously considered emigrating to New Zealand. I had never really heard about this and it concerned me deeply. My wife started going on about how we wouldn't have met etc, but I...
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    First game next season?

    My 1000th post so I thought I'd start a thread. What is your guess for the first game next season? I'll go for away to Oldham.
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    Posh yay or nay?

    Kirstie Allsopp? Seeing the new advert for recycling around the place made me think that she ain't half bad. Definitely comes into the "I would" category. Am I in the minority?? Hope the pic comes out....bollox it didn't - if anyone can sort it for me that'd be tip-top!
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    Team Bath

    Resigning from the Blue Square South as of next season. Wonder if that will affect our informal links with them??
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    The coolest ECFC gift?

    See below. This was spotted on my trip to Prague this week. The Russian doll set had Logan as the largest, then in order of decreasing size, Stansfield, Seaborne, Halley (sic) and a teeny-weeny Moxey. Unfortunately at 590Kc (about £20) I couldn't afford them but I couldn't believe they they...
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    Nick Jordan

    Arrested for drink driving according to the Echo this morning. Plank.