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    Longest run of home fixtures

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned... As our last three away matches have been postponed it means our last four and our next two matches will all have been played at SJP. I was wondering if this is a record?
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    Jordan Dyer

    Has joined Chippenham on loan.
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    Louis Morison

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    Season Tickets 2019/20

    Haven't seen any news about them. Don't the early bird tickets usually go on sale at this time of year?
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    Our midfield aren't working as a unit

    Probably fed up of watching the ball fly over their heads.
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    Luke Croll

    Finally looks like he belongs in the team. Taken a while but I'm starting to trust that he won't make a ridiculous decision and give a goal away.
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    History Project Film - 'Disability and Football' Just watched this. Some really great stories here [G]
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    Tisdale to Salford City?

    His flat cap would fit in nicely.
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    Ryan Loft in on loan

    Til the end of the season
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    City Community Trust

    Some good news today. The City Community Trust is going from strength to strength. This can only be good for the...
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    Two new signings

    To be announced at 4pm according to the club's Twitter feed.
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    ELF Futures I've seen the likes of Luton and Cambridge report how much they received but can't find anything for us. Presumably we must have received some?
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    Any idea when our retained list will be released?

    I thought this was usually end of May / beginning of June though with the play off final being so late I guess it's been delayed.
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    Vote for new inductee to Hall of Fame Clearly only one winner. Flack, Flack, Flack Attack! Thread title should be New inductee. Not me...
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    Chiefs v City Bake Off

    I've been asked to give this event some publicity... The Room Works are hosting a bake off between Exeter Chiefs Official and Exeter City Football Club and you could win tickets - click on the original post, like the Room Works page and share the post to be in with a chance of winning...
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    Wolves bid for Christian Ribeiro?

    Saw a Wolves News Twitter account reporting this. I'd be surprised if it's true.
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    Who the f*** are Saint Liege?

    Please step forward Mr Fullsy ;)
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    Noone Improves Under Tis

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I had a quick check and couldn't see it. Anyway this made me smile: Seems like a scathing opinion of Luggy's coaching as well as a glowing endorsement for Tis [y]
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    D&C Constabulary and Millwall

    I see the Echo are doing some more scaremongering on behalf of D&C Police following the trouble at West Ham. Marvellous.
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    I saw Julian Tagg on a bike near my house last week

    I think it was him anyway. Might not have been.