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  1. rightwing

    Have Yelverton started work on the garage site?

    I’ve just been checking the aerial view from Google maps to see if Yelverton are carrying out any works on the garage site but obviously from a quick glance at SJP the map is not that up to date. However I did notice a JCB doing work adjacent to the railway embankment. At the bottom of the...
  2. rightwing

    Now that we've got the really big decision out of the way................. reported in the Trust minutes for March when a request for unbudgeted expenditure was made and Trustees gave unanimous approval for £50 expenditure relating to prizes and pens for the Junior Grecians/ Club Easter Family Bingo Event...........would it now be possible for Trustees...
  3. rightwing

    Stadium Development

    I wonder how many (if any!) of our ground redevelopment experts are going to this next week:- The session itself will be engaging with a variety of stadia's hottest topics...
  4. rightwing

    Redevelopment - what now?

    We’ve debated ad nauseam the opportunities missed with redevelopment, particularly now with regard to the failure to move the footprint of the Old Grandstand replacement forward to match the earlier pitch moves and the failure to take the foundations of that stand down to the Well Street level...
  5. rightwing

    Exeter City Council to fund Stadium Redevelopment?

    I am well aware that pigs might fly before that happens, but why must we always be amongst the losers when it comes to Council handouts (or “investments” as Liverpool City Council prefer to call it)? Check the link below where it shows that Liverpool Council are spending £4m on upgrading the...
  6. rightwing

    The Bulldozers are moving into St. James' Park!!!!

    .......................probably in 2017. Meanwhile the Trust is launching another ‘big’ appeal. The appeal is asking members to donate spare rolls of duck tape to hold the Old G together, with the caveat that they need to be either green or asbestos coloured to match the existing facade. The...
  7. rightwing

    New Investment to Finance Stadium Development?

    Following the shambles that is our current redevelopment programme, I have given some thought to alternative financing methods. It struck me that, as one of the leading clubs in the Trust movement, that this type of ownership might very well appeal to those countries with a socialist...
  8. rightwing

    Redevelopment - the biggest mistake we're making?

    When the redevelopments of the Bastin and Doble stands were completed in the early 1990’s they were undoubtedly built down to a price. Many corners were cut but the biggest omission was not to make provision for further developing income generating facilities under these stands. How many times...
  9. rightwing

    Do we have a supportive City Council?

    Whilst the City Council might very well give a grudging qualified approval to our magnificent one and a half tin sheds proposal, I feel that we have reached this situation by stumbling blindly down an ever narrowing one way path. There has been a distinct lack of foresight by the whole...
  10. rightwing

    Thank You!

    I’d just like to say a big thank you to all those people who have emailed me wishing me well over the course of the last few months when I have had three operations, one on my eyes and two for cancer. I’m pleased to say that I have been given the initial ‘all clear’ this morning on the cancer...
  11. rightwing

    What happens if the Planning Application fails?

    With the level of objection to the scale of the development being displayed on the Exeter City Council website by David Treharne and others from the St. James’ area, is there a possibility that the planning application could either be rejected or modified substantially to the point where...
  12. rightwing

    The Club, the Trust, and lack of capital spending.

    There seems to be a sense of euphoria at the Club at the moment that the arrival of the Grimes’ money is the panacea for all our problems. Once again scarce resources are being spent on the pitches, both at SJP and also the Cat and Fiddle. Whilst this might be desirable in a perfect situation, I...
  13. rightwing

    Why isn't the Trust more proactive on ground redevelopment?

    In the nine years since I produced the initial report on ground redevelopment , the lack of any forward planning by the Club Board can be summarised as follows. The failure to have any valuable discourse with Exeter City Council has left the situation where the latest Strategic Land...
  14. rightwing

    Breaking News on Redevelopment

    Following Exeter City Council's Cabinet decision last night on 'Policy Initiatives for Strategic Success,' when it was decided that the freehold of St. James' Park could be sold to the Club at the original cost price, the Club has finally decided to implement Redevelopment Plan B. This would...
  15. rightwing

    Sexton Blake

    I've just chatted to my old friend and former Trustee Trevor Manley who posts on here as Sexton Blake and who is currently in hospital with blood clots on the lung. He seemed chirpy tonight and is responding to treatment after being quite ill for a few days. I'm sure he'll be back at SJP soon...
  16. rightwing

    Never feel cold in the Doble again

    As many of you will know I am a great fan of all forms of new energy - my main solar panel installation has paid £1650 in generation and export tariffs in the last nine months as well as providing free electricity and much reduced gas bills. I am currently researching solar air heaters and will...
  17. rightwing

    Farewell to Ferrari

    Following my recent health troubles I have sold on my beloved Ferrari via the Exeter dealership to a specialist firm in Surrey. For any exewebbers in Surrey who might fancy it, here it is :-...
  18. rightwing

    How many from the Trust and Club Boards........... we need to send to this:-
  19. rightwing

    Could the Trust take this on?

    This is more like what the Trust should be doing:- A chance to redeem itself by at least putting in an entry? Could it be based on an indoor training centre at the Cat and Fiddle?
  20. rightwing

    Trust Board to resign en masse?

    In my opinion the Trust Board should resign en masse for their abject failure to hold the Club Board to account over a number of major issues. There needs to be a quantum shift in the attitude of Trustees. This can only be achieved by the establishment of a completely new Board. The last time...